Nail of the Day: Topshop Nailpolish in 'Moonstone'

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Today I have a Topshop nailpolish to show you guys! I bought this on holiday in Copenhagen. Sadly, we don't have Topshop stores in Belgium, but I always wanted to try their nailpolishes! When I saw this in Denmark, I could't resist buying some colors. I bought this color, named 'Moonstone'. This a metallic rose gold color, which always looks different in certain lights. 

I'm really impressed with this nailpolish! I used two coats, but one was quite opaque as well! The only downside is that this will accentuate every single line in your nail. So a base coat is (as always) recommended ;)

This nailpolish is not really cheap, it's 6£ or around 7 euros, but because I bought this in Denmark, I payed 10 euros for it. I would really recommend this polishes, because they're unique in colors, they're opaque and dry really quickly!

Have you tried their nailpolishes?

NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm Review

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey everyone, today I'm gonna talk about the cutest lip balm I've seen and used in years! The NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm in the color 'Caramel Apple'. I saw these were new at Kruidvat, but it took me a while to get it, because they sell out so fast all the time! But I managed to get my hands on one and I really like this!

I really like the packaging of this lip balm. It's bright reddish pink with silver letters on it, very eye catching and easy to find in your purse or makeup bag.

This lip balm smells like apples and feels so smooth on your lips. I also find that it stays soft and smooth quite a while. It doens't take care of your lips like a real lip treatment, but it keeps them a bit moisturized.It also gives a really nice shine.

The cutest thing about this lip balm is the balm itself. It has a little apple print! I love it! :D
This color is really sheer and doesn't really shop up much on my lips, but it gives a subtle shine to them and makes them look nice. I tried swatching this but the color also didn't really show up that well.

However, after I bought this one, I went back and bought it in the color 'Big Apple Red', which is a sheer but oh so pretty red color! If you want something that shows up on the lips, I recommend that one. I like them both.

This lip balm is available at Kruidvat, for €2,76 only!

What's your favorite lip balm?