What I Got For My Birthday 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

Cake, confetti, laughter and presents. Wednesday 23rd of March was my 23rd birthday and the past week, I got presents from friends and family. I still have to meet up with some friend, but I already wanted to share what I got this week. I don't write this blogpost to brag or show off, I just want to share the happiness! 

In this post, the presents from my parents, boyfriend, brothers, godchild, friends from Ghent and Sanja from Sparkle With Laughter will be included. That last one was such a nice surprise, I hadn't expected it at all! 

The End of Days Without Meat (Dagen Zonder Vlees): What Now?

Sunday, March 27, 2016

40 days ago, I accepted a challenge to eat no (or as less as possible) meat or fish. The 40 days are over now and I want to tell you guys how's it has been, how my vision has changed and the most important thing: how it's going to go from now on. My eating habits have changed a lot the past 40 days and I think I'm going to take some new habits with me, for my future meals. So here's a quick update!

The last 40 days, I had to enter my meatless days in a 'counter' at the website of Dagen Zonder Vlees. I cheated a few days but I have eaten no meat of fish on 32 days of the 40-day challenge. For someone who didn't think she could never be a vegetarian, I think I did a pretty decent job! They calculated how well the vegetarian days are for the environment. I have saved 491m² at the ecological footprint. That's as much as 339 baths of driving 693km with the car. I'm pretty happy with those amounts. 

The last week was the hardest. I craved something with meat soooooo badly! However, I've discovered some really delicious vegetarian products and meals lately. Tonight, I'm going to treat myself to a huge spaghetti carbonara with my family. I've learned so much about food habits and eating different. I love vegetables so much and you can be so creative with them.

How are things going to go from now on?
I'm thinking about becoming a 'part time' vegetarian. I know that sounds very stupid and I think pure vegetarians wouldn't like it, but I can't give up meat and fish completely. I'm going to try and eat vegetarian meals as much as possible. But I'm not going to hold myself back when I want steak or salmon.

Happy Easter, sweet readers! <3


Unboxed & Tasted: Food Nomads Snack/Verwen Box (Joy Anna Thielemans)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Food Nomads is een bedrijf dat om de 3 maanden een unieke food box uitbrengt, in samenwerking met een bekende vlaming. De vorige doos was een ontbijtbox met Siska Schoeters. Via de website van Flair heb ik deze huidige doos, een verwenbox vol lekkere snacks geselecteerd door de getalenteerde Joy Anna Thielemans, aan -50% kunnen bemachtigen. Door deze dozen te bestellen, steun je trouwens ook het goede doel! Met deze doos wordt Make A Wish België gesteund. Food én liefdadigheid? Perfecte combinatie!

Food Nomads is a company that brings out a foodbox every 3 months, with the help of a famous Belgian. After a breakfast box, they know brought out a new box full of snacks, selected by the talented Joy Anna Thielemans, an actress/columnist. I got this box at -50% with a coupon code. Purchasing this box also means that you donate money to the Make A Wish Foundation.