The End of Days Without Meat (Dagen Zonder Vlees): What Now?

Sunday, March 27, 2016

40 days ago, I accepted a challenge to eat no (or as less as possible) meat or fish. The 40 days are over now and I want to tell you guys how's it has been, how my vision has changed and the most important thing: how it's going to go from now on. My eating habits have changed a lot the past 40 days and I think I'm going to take some new habits with me, for my future meals. So here's a quick update!

The last 40 days, I had to enter my meatless days in a 'counter' at the website of Dagen Zonder Vlees. I cheated a few days but I have eaten no meat of fish on 32 days of the 40-day challenge. For someone who didn't think she could never be a vegetarian, I think I did a pretty decent job! They calculated how well the vegetarian days are for the environment. I have saved 491m² at the ecological footprint. That's as much as 339 baths of driving 693km with the car. I'm pretty happy with those amounts. 

The last week was the hardest. I craved something with meat soooooo badly! However, I've discovered some really delicious vegetarian products and meals lately. Tonight, I'm going to treat myself to a huge spaghetti carbonara with my family. I've learned so much about food habits and eating different. I love vegetables so much and you can be so creative with them.

How are things going to go from now on?
I'm thinking about becoming a 'part time' vegetarian. I know that sounds very stupid and I think pure vegetarians wouldn't like it, but I can't give up meat and fish completely. I'm going to try and eat vegetarian meals as much as possible. But I'm not going to hold myself back when I want steak or salmon.

Happy Easter, sweet readers! <3



  1. I went vegetarian last year, no problems and absolutely loved it. I still very rarely eat meat now, usually once a week. But when I went vegan this year, I really struggled and I definitely think it's not something for me. I also cheated a bit toward the end and now all I want to eat is cheese haha

    1. I liked the vegetarian food a lot but now, I can't stop eating bacon haha :D

  2. Hi Astrid
    I am a small bog and and really far pre-sceduled and am going to write about you for the post going up on Sunday 7th of August at 6pm(uk) 10(pdt) & 11(pst)
    Milly xo


    2. your who inspired me to writ a blog and have already made 51 posts since november


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