What's in my M.A.C. eyeshadow palette?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hey girls! I wanted to do this post for so long now, but I never got around to do it. I want to show you guys my M.A.C. eyeshadow palette. In this post, I'll tell you what colors I own and what I think about them. I wanted to this earlier, but I had some eyeshadows lying at Ghent and I always forgot to take them with me. But finally, let's go! :D 

I used to be really into M.A.C. a while ago, especially in their lipsticks and eyeshadows. I got a M.A.C. palette and every now and then, I'd buy something. But now, I rarely buy anything from them. I always check their limited editions online and when I see something I really want, I'll pick it up. But recently, I've started using my eyeshadows again and I wanted to share them with you, because some of their eyeshadows are truly ahmaziiiing!

I get all my eyeshadows in the 'pro pans', to put in the palette. You can also buy the eyeshadows in their own packaging, but the pans are a bit cheaper and it takes up less space.  You can easily pop the eyeshadows out of the pan and transfer them into a smaller palette. An eyeshadow palette has room for 15 eyeshadows. M.A.C. also sells quads, with room for 4 eyeshadows, where you can put the pan eyeshadows in. This is great for traveling!
M.A.C. Eyeshadows have different finishes: matte, satin, frost, lustre, velux, velux pearl and velvet. If you want further explainations, I found a great blogpost about this: A guide to M.A.C.'s eyeshadow finishes

I always research colors online (Sharon Farrell does 'best and worst M.A.C. eyeshadow reviews' on youtube, she's amazing!) before I go to the M.A.C. store and I always test them out on my skin in the store. I'm happy with all the colors in my palette and I don't regret getting these ;)
  • Orb (satin): this is a soft, very light peachy beige color. A perfect highlighter. This was (along with Haux) the first eyeshadow I ever purchased.
  • Grain (satin): Golden beige with a sheen to it. When you're in a rush, but you still want a very neutral look, this is a perfect color for that.
  • Wedge (matte): That perfect light brown to define your crease or help blend out other eyeshadows.
  • All That Glitters (veluxe pearl):A light orange toned golden color. Very popular and known color from M.A.C. This has a soft, buttery texture and the pigmentation is fantastic.
  • Woodwinked (veluxe pearl): a warm, red-orange toned brown with a very metallic finish. This is another one of those extremely pigmented and soft colors.
  • Satin Taupe (frost): Probaly one of the most popular and known colors from M.A.C. This a beautiful taupe color. Very soft and pigmented formulation.
  • Shale (satin): A grey-purple color with a subtle shimmer to it. Very interesting color, really pretty. It looks very good next to Patina and Haux.
  • Patina (frost): If you want to rock gold eyeshadows, but not the really 'yellow gold' ones, I'd recommend this one. It's described by M.A.C. as a 'taupe brown with golden pearl'. I like this a lot, it looks like an antique gold color.
  • Haux (matte): Matte, dark mauve color. Beautiful in the crease.I love this one!
  • Beautiful Iris (veluxe pearl): Lavender color with a blue sheen to it. Very pretty with green eyes, as a little pop of color under the eye or to use for a purple smokey eye. The blue sheen was not easy to pick up with my camera, but trust me, it's there!
  • Sumptuous Olive (veluxe pearl): A khaki color with a golden sheen. The pigmentation on this one is also very, very good. Some of these eyeshadows really glide on your skin like butter. 
Here are swatches of all the colors:

When you go to the M.A.C. store to buy eyeshadows, don't hesitate to ask for help. The people there are (most of the time) very friendly and will answer all of your questions and give suggestions. The M.A.C. stores can be a bit ovetwhelming when you don't know what you're looking for.

Some eyeshadows on my M.A.C. wishlist: Club (I need this!), Stars n rockets, Naked Lunch (another famous one), Sable, Copperplate, ....

Pfjoew, that was a long post! If you made it until here: thank you for reading!

Do you have a M.A.C. palette? What's in there? What's your favorite color?


  1. I currently only have four, I have Phloof, Woodwinked, Omega and Mythology. A lot of these you've mentioned are on my WL :)

  2. Ik ben begonnen met al mijn MAC oogschaduws in potjes te kopen en daar heb ik nu spijt van, ik ben veel te klungelig om die uit elkaar te halen...
    Petina en Satin taupe heb ik ook :) En sable is echt een aanrader, die draag ik het meest!

    1. Over Sable heb ik al veel gehoord, die ziet er heel mooi uit :D


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