Primark Exclusive: Holler and Glow Nail Polish: Review and Swatches

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hello everybody and welcome to a new blogpost. This is going to be a short post, but it's one I'm really excited about! I went to Ghent yesterday and went inside Primark. I was a long time since my last Primark visit do I was excited to look around and search some fun new stuff. I saw on Youtube that Primarks in England have a new brand called 'Holler and Glow', that has GREAT nail polishes and sheet masks. And guess what? They have it in Belgium too! Read along to see what I think about these polishes and what I think about them.
If you're a big fan of holographic make-up and nail polishes: I have amazing new for you because the Holler and Glow nail polishes are all holooooo-licious. Yes. You read it right. I don't own many holographic nail polishes. I got a blue one when I was 14 but it dried out and the brand didn't make it anymore. Sooooo... I got 4. But they are all so different. 
  • Papped: White pearl with pink holographic shimmer
  • Can You Not: Light Kaki with light green holographic shimmer
  • Rogue Mermaid: Blue base with pink and orange holo shimmer
  • Self Made: Bronze with brozen shimmer
Swatches: Self Made, Papped, Can You Not, Rogue Mermaid

Above you can see swatches of the polishes catching the light. How beautiful are they? My favorite is Papped, I like that pink sheen. All these swatches are 3 layers, but 2 would also be okay. Except Self Made, which was perfect and opaque in 1 coat. 1 COAT. Simply amazing. I didn't do a base and top coat, because I wanted to see how the polishes worked on their own. 

They dry very quick, it's kind of the same drying time as Essie polishes.

About an hour later, I noticed my nails looking kinda... weird. On all four painted nails, little tiny bubbles starting forming. I think their are tiny air bubbles. I want to note that I did not shake up the bottles before painting so I'm curious to see how this happened.
Unfortunately, I have to take the polish off again because I can't wear nail polish at work. I do want to do a pedicure with one of these, though! I wonder it a base and top coat will help.

These polishes are only €2,50 at Primark. They have cute colours and also a few holographic topcoats. They also sell a base coat, top coat and nail care products by Holler and Glow. I would recommend them, although I'm not quite sure where the tiny air bubbles come from. Keep it in mind when you want to buy them!


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