Kiko + H&M Beauty Sale Haul

Monday, July 17, 2017

Hey everybody. Yes, it has been a very long time again. I've been just so extremely busy the last couple of weeks. So I'll make it up to you with a long haul post. Kiko was having their summer sale this month and I placed on order online. Everything arrived nice and safe, so I can finally show it all. I also picked up some things from H&M Beauty. Sit back, grab a snack and read! Little disclaimer: I'm not showing swatches in this blog because I will do separate reviews on the products.

I ordered some lipsticks on sale. Kiko had amazing matte lippensticks and they were having some colours on sale. I choose the colour 313 Sangria, a dark pink with tiny golden shimmers inside of it. 

I also noticed that their Unlimited Stylo Lipsticks were on sale. They had so many colours to choose from, so I went a little nuts. These look so sleek and cool, like real lipstick 'bullets'. I'm gonna do a review on it but I can tell you now: these are amazing! They glide on so soft and smooth but dry down to a matte finish. You can also tell the colour from the packaging: very handy!
  • 05 Scarlet Red: The PERFECT "My lips but better" colour.
  • 06 Hibiscus: Pinkish red
  • 12 Orchid Violet: Light purple-pink.
  • 15 Fire Red: Bright red
  • 18 Pomegranate: Classic red with a pink undertone.

Their professional brush line was FINALLY on sale for -30%, so I decided to pick up some brushes. I got these ones:
  • 58 Blending Brush
  • 12 Powder Fan Brush
  • 13 Kabuki Brush
  • 08 Precision Powder Brush
  • 56 Round Blending Brush
All the brushes feel really steady, but all have soft hairs. I only used the blending brush yet, but it did the job very well. 

I got a multicolor blush in '01 Loving Pink Flame', which has the cutest heart design. I also decided to get some brow products. The Sculpt Pencil in '01 Light Blondes' reminds me a lot of the Hourglass eyebrow pencil (I've only seen pics, but the shape of the actual pencil is really similar).  I also got the Eyebrow Fibres colored Mascara in '01 Light Blondes'. I want to do a comparison post with the Benefit Gimme Brow Gel. I already used the brow mascara once and I liked it.

I'm going to Ibiza in two weeks, so I picked up the Pure Clean Make-up wipes, to take with me. I also got a double sharpener, because I lost my other sharpener somehow. This has a smaller and bigger hole, so I sharpen a lot of different pencils.

The Duo Eyeshadows were on sale and this one in the colour 'Satin Taupe/Pearly Sand' really spoke to me. I love the combination of the light pink and taupe colours. 
The eyeshadow Palette in 'Welcome to the jungle' contains some nice golden and green colours. I think they will be perfect year round for some nice neutral eyes with a pop of colour.

From H&M beauty, I got 3 goodies on sale. I decided to try out the Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in the colour Dusty Rose. I've only had one cream blush before and really liked it. 
The Cream Lipstick Siena Piazza (Which is one of my favorites) was suddenly on sale and I panicked: was my favorite lipstick going to be discontinued? So I needed a back-up! Lastly, I got the eyeshadow in 'Stay up Slate', which is a charcoal grey with a pinkish shimmer to it. Very nice colour for a simple smokey eye.

What were your favorite products here? What would you like to see a review of? Did you buy some make-up on sale? Tell me!

Have a nice week, ya'll <3



  1. Such pretty products. I love that heart Kiko blush and the one from H&M looks just as pretty :). I would order from Kiko too, but the postage is quite expensive, if you don't buy a lot.

  2. Oh they all look really beautiful! I wonder if the Kiko Lipstickd are good quality? But they look great. :p

    Monia ♡


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