Cherry Culture Haul: NYX and China Glaze + First Impressions!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hi everyone, I posted my Project Pan update yesterday and told you about how I gave up my project for an hour, when I saw that Cherry Culture was having a '20% off everything in store' sale. I could not resist. I had just cleaned out my collection a bit and threw away some old makeup, so I figured I deserved a little reward to myself. 

I'll do seperate reviews on all the products once I used them a bit more, but I'll do first impressions now as well.

The first thing I bought were two lipglosses. I've heard a lot about these and I wanted to try them out for so long! I got 'Beige' (which is not beige at all, but it's a light pink) and 'Tea Rose'.

                              NYX Lipglosses in 'Beige' (lightest one) and 'Tea Rose'
                                       This is what the cap looks like, SO cute!
                                   Swatches: Beige and Tea Rose.

The glosses smelled nice and fruity. I like the smell. They have nice pigmentation and didn't feel sticky on my hands.

I also bought two eyeliners. These are the 'Slide On, Glide On,Stay On & Definitely A Turn On Waterproof Extreme Shine Eyepencil. (This eyelines is so good, the name had to be long!)' I love the description. Ever since I saw this on Amarixe's blog, I wanted to try them out! I got them in 'Golden Bronze' and 'Jewel'.

                            Eyepencils in 'Golden Bronze' and 'Jewel'
I decided not to buy the classic black or brown, I have enough black eyeliners. So I've chosen two more special colors and I'm so happy I did! I love these two and they felt so smooth when I swatched them on my hand.
Then I chose one blush, just one. After a lot of thinking, I decided to buy a light colored neutral blush called 'Mauve'

This blush looks very light, but when I swatched it on my hand, it appeared to be a bit darker on the skin. It seems like a perfect, natural shade.

I've heard a lot about the 'Champagne&Caviar' palette so I decided to try that out as well. I also bought another palette but that never got delivered (more about that later)

                                       I love the colors!

And of course, you can't do a NYX haul without the Jumbo Eye Pencils. I got one in one of the most popular shades, 'Iced Mocha'.

                                   Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in 'Iced Mocha'
To me, this was more brown and bronzy than I expected. I thought it would be more of a taupe. But I still love the color and the pigmentation was, again, amazing.

And last but not least: the nail polishes. I wanted to try China Glaze for years now. And when I saw they still had the Hunger Games collection, I was so happy!

I also bought four of the NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail polishes. The color selection was nuts, they have so many colors! It was really hard to chose.

From left to right: CG Harvest Moon, CG Fast Track, CG Stone Cold, CG Hook and Line, NYX Hunter Green, NYX Pastel Pistachio, NYX Blue Supreme, NYX Precious Gems.

Yes, I bought a lot. But I wanted to only buy things that I don't have yet in my collection, like the China Glaze polishes and the NYX eyeliners. I'm glad with my purchase and am excited to review and use everything. 

What did I think about Cherry Culture? 
My order was processed and delivered in about two weeks, I think that's long but not terrible at all. It had to come from overseas, so I can't expect to have my order delivered in five days. 

A big downside were the shipping prices. They count by weight, I think, so the shipping was nog inexpensive. I'm glad I had 20% off my purchase, so it made up for the shipping prices.

There is one big problem. I had also ordered another eyeshadow palette from the new 'Fall in love in Paris' line for spring 2013. But I never found it in my package and the package was well closed, so it didn't got stolen or something. They never warned me about the item being out of stock, so I think they just forgot it. My package also did not include a list of products, so I can't figure out what must have gone wrong. 

I sent an e-mail to the Customer Service and they answered within the hour that they will check everything. I hope I will still get my palette.

This has been a very long blogpost. I hope you liked it :)

Have you ever bought something from Cherry Culture?
Do you like NYX/China Glaze?

Project Pan Update: February 2013 + Empties

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Girls, I have a lot to tell you. So get something to eat or drink, sit back, relax and hear me out.

I haven't bought makeup since the end of November. You might think: 'That's just two months, how hard can it be?' For me, it's a really long time. I realise that using up products actually takes a long time. I only have two empties to show you guys this month. Let me show them and tell you what I think!

1) Mini Urban Decay Primer Potion:
This little sample actually lasted me a really long time. An eyeshadow primer helps your eyeshadows stay all day and that is something I really need. I'm now using the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which is fantastic as well.

2) Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer: I actually started using this before my Maybelline one (I used that one up in december) and I finally finished this one as well. I already bought a replacement for this one months ago, but I used this one later than expected.
I love it. It had medium coverage, but it's buildable. It's brightens the undereyes. It smells really good and fruity.

The only downside on this concealer is that it dries to a powder and it can make dry spots on the skin show up more.

A Project Pan is really harder than I thought. I really miss shopping for makeup and everytime someone tells me that they bought something, my reaction looks like this:

I found this pic today, I had to laugh really hard and I wanted to share it.

Now, I have to confess something to you guys. I want to be honest with you. I have cleaned out my makeup collection a bit more and I got rid of a lot of stuff that was too old.
And not buying makeup for months, really gives the opportunity to save a lot of money. I thought maybe I deserved a reward?

So, here it comes... I placed on order online at Yes, I know! When I saw that they had a Valentines action two weeks ago (20% off everything at the whole store!! I couldn't resist) I decided to finally grab my chance to try out NYX and China Glaze. And I actually bought quite a lot. The order is on it's way but hasn't arrived yet.

Downside: I bought makeup, while being in a project pan. 
Upside: I'll have a lot of new products to share with you guys. I thought about everything really well and decided to buy things that I didn't have yet or weren't similar to anything in my collection.

I want to say that I'm not quitting my Project Pan.This was a one time online shopping spree and I think in some way, I deserved it a little bit.  I hope you guys are not disappointed or mad, but I hope you guys understand. 

So tell me, 
Have you guys bought some makeup lately?

No. 7 Blush in 'Soft Damson' Review and Swatches

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hey everyone I'm back again today with a review on one of my favorite blushes: the No7 Blush in 'Soft Damson'. I bought this at the drugstore Boots, in London over a year ago and it has become one of my favorite blushes ever! 

The packaging is simple, but classy. I love it. It's not too big, so it doens't take much space whenever I take it with me on a trip.

This is a classic medium pink blush. You would even say that there is nothing special about it. But I think everyone should have a color like this in their collection. It's perfect for an everyday look, but you can also wear it on a night out.


Soft consistency and not too bright. This blush gives me a perfect, healthy glow. I use this almost every day because it's just so pretty!

I would recommend this blush to everyone!

What's your favorite blush?

Revlon Lipbutters Swatches and Review

Hi everyone, I'm back today with a new review on the Revlon Lip Butters. I did one months ago, but I didn't like the photos and lighting on that review. After that review, I bought two other colors so I decided to redo the whole review.

 From left to right: Crème Brulée, Pink Truffle, Macaroon, Berry Smoothie, Candy Apple

I love the packaging on these. They have that typical Revlon quilted design and show the color of the lip butter. Easy to find the right color!

                                                       Crème Brulée
                                                      Pink Truffle (my favorite!)
                       Berry Smoothie (looks a lot like Macaroon, but more pink)
                                                   Candy Apple
I love the formulation and pigmentation of these! They are soft, creamy and have amazing color pay-off! My favorites are Pink Truffle and Candy Apple. Pink Truffle is the perfect every neutral lipstick for me, it's just a hint darker than my lips.

These are available at INNO and some Planet Parfum stores :)

What do you think of the Revlon Lip Butters?
What colors do you own?