Time to Recylcle: Empties #11

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I was so happy to see the products pile up in my Empties bag again: Time for another one of my favorite posts! I've done a big declutter in my make-up stash last month and threw away everything I don't use anymore/haven't used for a long time. I'm not going to show you everything, don't worry. But I'm showing the products I've used up recently and will tell you if I would repurchase them or not. 

1) Skineance Total Hair Volume: I got this in a Deauty Box last year. It's one of those volumizing hair powders. This was had a value of 25€. And I'm so glad it came in that Deauty box because I would never pay a cent for it. This made my hair look so weird: matte and knotty. It also felt horrible.
Would I repurchase? Never. Ever. Ever. *Throws it away angrily*
2) Garnier Fructis Damage Repair Serum: Very nice serum that smells a bit like melon and makes your hair feel very soft. I really like Garnier hair serums, they make your hair look healthy and shiny.
Would I repurchase? Yes!
3+4) Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo: This and the conditioner came together in a Deauty box. They smell good, are very handy for traveling since they don't take up much space and make you hair look nice. They were good. The full size bottles are quite expensive: over 20€. I can't see myself spending that much money on shampoo.
Would I repurchase? No.

5) Caudalie Lip Conditioner: You guys know I really like Caudalie products so it was only a matter of time before moving on to the lip products. I went to the pharmacy nearby my studio for vitamins and saw this lip balm. I had to try it out. It was about 4€... That I wasted. Seriously, I think the main ingredient in this lip balm was GLUE. It's so sticky, I hardly was able to get it on my lips? How is that even possible? The Sephora website has tons of reviews saying how great this product is but I wasn't even able to use it well.
Would I repurchase? No.
6+7) Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Matifying Fluid (Sample + Full size): One of the best daycreams I've used so far. A light scented cream that sinks into the skin very fast. Very moisturizing and great at keeping the oily skin under control. I especially like this during the summer months. 
Would I repurchase? In a spendy mood, yes!
8) Kruidvat Nose Pore Strips: The joy of having a pamper moment on a sunday, applying the pore strip to your nose, chin or forehead, feeling it getting more and more dry, taking it of carefully (because it hurts a bit) and then secretly watching how much came out of your pores. It's all so fascinating. Isn't it amazing? 
Would I repurchase? These always come in handy, so yes!

9) Maybelline Color 24H Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in 'On and On Bronze': Very nice color, very nice pigmentation. It creased on me, like all cream eyeshadows do on my eyes, but with a primer it worked fine. 
Would I repurchase? Maybe, when I'm feeling spendy.
10) MAC Paint Pot in 'Painterly': Some people use this as a primer but this creases on me. With another primer however, like the Too Faced one, it works very well. It covers up redness and little veins on your eyelid, so you have a nice blanc canvas to work on. Very good product, but it has dried up. So I'm saying goodbye.
Would I repurchase? Maybe.
11) L'oréal False Lash Wings Mascara: If you're a fan of mascara's that give you a very dramatic look, this is the product for you. It's very black and gives lots of volume. It was a bit too dramatic for me. It also clumped a bit But that's not the reason I'm getting rid of it. I used this about 4 times... And each time, my eyes got really irritated. That almost never happens to me, so I know the mascara was the cause. Was it a little flake that fell off? Did my eyes react badly to the formula? Was it just a bit off? I don't know but it was not working for me at all.
Would I repurchase? No.
12) Essence Maximum Definition Mascara: Very very very good mascara. Big, long lasher that are not clumpy! When I first get this, the formula is always a bit too wet and harder to work with. When it 'dries up' a bit, it's amazing. I've been loving this one for a long time, I think this was about my fourth tube!
Would I repurchase? Yes.
13) Too Faced Shadow Insurance: Holy. Grail. Product. I've had this for way too long and it worked wonder on me. However, it started separating more and more so I think it was getting too old. Since we don't have Too Faced here in Belgium, I bought the Urban Decay Primer Potion and... I miss this one already.
Would I repurchase? Yes.

14) The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Shower Gel: I love love love lemons lately (I drink warm lemon water every morning!) and I liked this scent. It was a bit too sweet for me, I would have liked it to be more fresh instead of sweet. But overall, great shower gel. Just not my favorite scent for TBS.
Would I repurchase? No.
15) Axe Apollo Travel Size: Astrid, are you there again with the whole man deodorant thing? Yes, I am. They have sexy scents and they last A LONG time. But I discovered some nice woman scents that are also available in travel size, so I might buy those one instead from now on.
Would I repurchase? Maybe.

So my empties bag is empty now and ready to be filled again! I hope you girls (and guys?) liked this post. Let me know if you did an empties post lately and I'd be happy to read it.



  1. Huge fan of yours,
    Only found you recently,
    Milly x

  2. Haha, you cracked me up with the deodorant describtion:D


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