Nail of the Day: O.P.I. 'A Great Opera-unity'

Monday, February 15, 2016

In about two weeks, my new internship will start and I won't be aloud to wear nail polish. So lately, I've been wearing it non-stop! Today, I'll be showing you this gorgeous color from the O.P.I. Venice collection, that came out in the fall. It's called 'A Great Opera-tunity'. 

'A Great Opera-tunity' is a creamy melon color. I loved it when I saw photos online on blogs. I had to have this one! I like that this color is perfect for fall, but will also fit perfectly in spring season. I applied two coats of this color, along with a base and top coat. However, it's not a 100% opaque on all the nails. A third coat might make it perfect. On the nail, the color a tad bit darker than in the bottle. I like this very much, it's quite nude but with just a little extra color. 

This color was part of a limited edition collection, in the fall. It's a very beautiful color. If you have an 'Opera-unity' to still purchase it somewhere, maybe online, I suggest to do it. It's a perfect color to wear in the next couple of months.

What's your favorite nail color?

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