Nail of the Day: O.P.I. 'Over and Over A-Gwen' Review and Swatches

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hey girls! Today, I'm showing you a nail polish from a collection I've been waiting weeks and weeks for: 'Over and Over A-Gwen' from the Gwen Stefani collection for O.P.I. I've been to the store so many times to see if the collection arrived and a few weeks ago... it had arrived! I picked up two colors: Push And Shove and 'Over and Over A-Gwen', which is the one I'll show you guys today.

This polish comes in a very beautiful collectors box and includes nail glue and Swarovski studs and crystals to spice up your nail look. I'm a big fan of Gwen Stefani, so I loved the box. It also comes with a little pamphlet that gives ideas on how the use the studs in combination with other colors from the collection and how to achieve the look.

'Over and Over A-Gwen' is a cream red nail polish. Gwen is famous for her signature red lips, which this polish reminds me of. It's the perfect, classic red color.

I used two coats, as always, but one coat was enough to make the color opaque. It's a gorgeous color that glides on the nail. Great consistency! I love it! :)

The nail polish is only available in the collecter's box with the studs for €23,50 (I think, I'm don't know for sure anymore) at Planet Parfum.

What's your favorite red nail polish?


  1. Classic red:) The box looks really nice. One of my favorite reds is just one of the Maybelline Colorama red nail polishes:)

  2. That colour is gorgeous! Never tried OPI but will have to try one of their polishes out soon! x


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