Time for Sping: Bikini Haul: Hunkemoller and Primark (Picture Heavy)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hello everybody! I'm here today with a new series called 'Spring is Coming'. I want to share some fun spring stuff with you guys because spring always gets me really excited and happy. It gives me 'In-spring-ation'. Haha. Sorry. 
We are having wonderful weather here in Belgium (we're breaking records here: it's the warmest beginning of March EVER).

So I went spring shopping and I bought.... 5 bikini's. Yes, you have read that correctly. 5. I can explain. I haven't bought a new bikini in more than 2 years, so I really needed some new ones! I'm also very picky about them and how they look on my body. Vente Exclusive, an outlet site, was having a Hunkemöller beachwear sale, with bikini's from last year's collection at -50%, so I got a few things there and yesterday, I went to Primark and I also bought two bikini's there. There will be a Primark haul very soon on this blog so stay tuned for that!

The first one I got from Hunkemöller was this black bikini with pearl details on the top and on the bottom. I really liked how it looked, you can't go wrong with a black bikini. It has an underwire built in, something I really like and look for in bikini's because to be honest, I kinda need it. 

Whenever you buy something on the Vente Exclusive website, you have 14 days after delivery to send items back. So you can try them on at home and if they don't fit, you send it back (the price ticket still has to be on the article!). The top was €14,99 and the bottom was €7,99 (both outlet price). 

The second one from Hunkemöller is one of my favorites. It has a beautiful flower and bird print, it really reminds me of the jungle. It also has an underwire (you'll see that I have this in most of the bikini's). This one is very beautiful on, it makes my body look a bit slimmer and brings out a bit of a tan. The top was €12,99 and the bottom was €6,99 (both outlet price). 

With this bikini, I got the top from the Hunkemöller sale, but the bottom part was completely sold out in my size. So I looked at Primark for a similar colored panty, but I could only find a lighter one. I don't mind that much, I sometimes like to mix-match bikini's. I liked the top because it also had an underwire for support and shape, but it's a different model than the other tops. And it looked really beautiful with the pearls on it. The top was €14,99 (outlet price) and the bottom was €4 at Primark.

I love Navy themed bikini's and clothing, so when I saw this bikini at Primark, I wanted to try it on immediately. This one also has an underwire and it fits perfectly. My mom said it looked sexy and it made my skin look a bit tan. YES! I can't really remember 100% how much I paid for the Primark bikini's but they were both under €10.

And now my favorite one out of all of them! I saw this bikini and almost ran to it. It's a bikini with a world map print. It looked so awesome! This is the only one without an underwire and I was a bit bummed about that, but when I tried it on, it still looked good. It's such a unique bikini, I've never ever seen anything like this! I think this one was €7, but I'm not sure.

If you're wondering about the sizes:
Hunkemöller: Belgian B85 for the top, L for the panty
Primark: size 14 for top and bottom

I think bikini's should bring out the best of your body and hide the things you have insecurities about. That way you can walk at the beach or at the pool with confidence and have fun! :D
Maybe I just think too much about those things :p

What do look for in a bikini?

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