Time for Spring: Clothing Haul (Picture Heavy)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Saturday, sweethearts! I hope you guys are having a great day! It's a bit rainy here in Belgium, so I decided to stay inside and do some blogging! Today, I'm showing you guys the last part of my Primark Haul: the actual clothing! In this haul post, I'll show you how most of the clothing looks on.

I've seen this type of basket shirts in a lot of shops (and on Geordie Shore, hehe) so I decided to try one on and I really like how they look. You can wear this on a casual day with friends or at home. I wonder if you can dress this up a bit, with maybe a statement necklace.

Primark often has a same piece of clothing in different colors or prints. Last time I went, I got a blouse with a bow in a purple color and a red with a flower print (the one from my OOTD). This time, they had a lot more print and I went a bit crazy and got 4 of them. Three of them are dark blue, but they are so different! I got one with pink-orange-white flowers, a black one with white bows, a blue one with light pink and white butterflies and another blue one with white flowers that look a bit like those dandelions that you can blow the seeds of! I also included a photo of me wearing two of the blouses.

They had a lot of t-shirt with Disney print at Primark and this was my favorite one. It's a picture of Snow White with all the little cute animals. I'm not sure how I will wear this yet, probably on casual days.

I also got a beige cardigan with embellished shoulders. This looked so beautiful on and it will match a lot of things.

The last thing I got is my favorite piece of the haul. I ran completely past this in the store and when we were ready to go to the register, I saw a girl trying this on. It looked so beautiful so I decided to try it on as well. It's a blouse with a loud etnic print, but it's not too much. I wanted to go on a trip to Morrocco when I had this on! I love it so much. It's very beautiful on a blue jeans as well!

This is the last part of my Primark haul, I promise :p

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!


  1. Nice clothes:) I especially like the Snow White shirt. They all look really cute on you:))

  2. I can't wait to haul in some new clothes for spring too!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog


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