Time for Spring: Shoes and Jewelry Haul! (Picture Heavy)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hello sweeties! Today, I'm showing you guys the jewelry and I got at Primark. I got some bracelets, statement necklaces, shoes and other cute stuff. And the best part of it was: it was all very affordable! Let's go!

The first thing I got was a pack with six pairs of earrings. I liked how these looked and it's always handy to have some small earrings in your collection.

I got a pack of three knuckle rings: a heart, a flower and a bow. I really like the one with the little bow, it makes my finger look like he's wearing a tuxedo or something! This pack was €2 but at the check-out, it turned out that it was on sale for €0,95!

There weren't a lot of bracelets that I liked, but I saw the one with the leaves and I loved it! It looks very beautiful on. I also got a pack of four gold bracelets. I can't really remember how much these were, I think the leaf bracelet was around €3 and the pack of four was €4, I think!

The first three necklaces, I got at Primark and one at the last photo is a necklace I got at Claire's. I love how these are all bigger than the usual necklaces I wear, but they are also not huge. They look awesome on. The silver one was €2,5, the two other ones were both €4 and the one from Claire's was €7.

I got four pairs of shoes at Primark. Two pairs of ballet flats with peep toes, I got the same pair in different colors (both €11). I also got a pair of ankle boots (€20) and a pair of blue basket-ish shoes with leopard print. The blue ones were on sale for €1,95!! I also went to Ken, another shoe store and got these beautiful royal blue ballet with camel and chain details. I love them!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the jewelry and those leopard sneakers:) So cute:)

  2. I so badly wish we had Primark here...Absolutely love those midi rings and all of the shoes :)


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