What's On My Christmas List?

Monday, December 2, 2013

December is finally here and that means that we can put up our Christmas trees, go christmas shopping and enjoy the holidays! I've been wanting to do this blogpost for a few days now, but I decided to wait at least until december had actually started.  
Everywhere, Christmas collections and gift sets are popping up and I'm getting really excited for Christmas this year. I wanted to share some things with you guys that are on my Christmas list this year.

At our home, we have a fun way to buy gifts for each other. We make 2 bowls of little cards with the names of everyone in the family. We have 1 bowl with cards for a small gift (€10-15) and 1 pile with cards for a big present (€30-40). We each pick two cards at random to see for who we must buy a gift. But it must stay a secret until we open the presents! For example: last year I had to buy a big present for my dad and a small one for my mom. That's the way we do it at home and we all like it ^^
Because it's hard to find a perfect gift for someone sometimes, we all put up little lists with suggestion and ideas. But the person is not obligated to buy on that list, the list is just a guide line.

So what is on my Christmas list?
There is a chance that the person who has my name will buy something else but these are just a few ideas ^^
  • Yves Rocher Golden Vanilla small gift set: this line smell delicious! A real vanilla scent, it does not smell fake or artificial. They have small and big gift sets, but you can buy all the products seperately as well.
  • YSL Shocking Mascara set: I always wanted to try out a higher end mascara and what other way to put one on your Christmas list? I saw a few sets at the perfume shop but this one was the one that appealed to me the most.
  • Guerlain La Petit Robe Noir Perfume: Oh. My. God. I can't even describe how amazing this smells. My mom was at the perfume store chosing a perfume for my sister in law's birthday and we tried out a lot of scents and this was one of them. At first, it's a bit overwhelming but the scent gets better and better. It smells amazing, feminine and classy. Also, this is one of the most beautiful perfume bottles I've ever seen.
  • OPI Mariah Carey collection: I think most of you have seen the swatches of this collection. One bottle would be perfect in the 'small' gift price range. My picks are: 'Make him mine', 'Baby please come home', 'All I want for Christmas is O.P.I.' and 'Underneath the mistle toe'. This is one of the most beautiful Christmas collections ever, in my opinion!
  • Essie's Bahama Mama: A color that I've been eyeing for a long time now! It's a gorgeous dark color, with a very cute name!
  • Fossil Bracelet: Fossil is one of my favorite brands for jewelry but it's not the cheapest one. So I usually ask something for my birthday or for Christmas (I also like to go to Fossil Outlets). This is one of my favorite bracelets of the current collection. The rose gold looks so good with the black and glittery strap. I love it!
So maybe one of these items will be a Christmas gift this year or maybe I will receive completely different gifts, who knows? I'm really excited already because I really like Christmas. Being together with family and eating all those delicious foods... I can't wait!

What's on your Christmas list?

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  1. Ah, that's a great idea for buying presents. Will definitely be telling it to my family :) And the Bahama Mama and YSL Shocking mascara are amazing, you'll love them :)


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