December Haul: The Body Shop, Kruidvat and Di!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hi sweeties! Last week and in the weekend, I decided to go to the mall near my home town to buy some Christmas presents! I also found some things for myself, because a lot of stores were having sales. I got some things from the body shop (there is a bit of a dramatic story behind this), Kruidvat and Di. 

Last week, I went shopping with my dear friend Ynee. The body shop was having a 'buy one, get one half off' sale so I got a new Body Polish in the Cranberry Joy Holiday-scent and the vanille body spray (which is sold in glass containers). After our shopping trip, we went to a cafe with Ynee's boyfriend and a few other friends. And, now the dramatic part... I accidentally dropped my bag and the body spray broke. The whole cafe smelled like vanilla! So this weekend, I decided to go back. They were having another sale that day: 30% off the whole store. So I got a new bottle of body spray and a Born Lippy lip balm in Rasperry. 

At Kruidvat, I got one of the Maybelline Brocade nail polishes. I love the 'Knitted Gold' color, but it's pretty much exactly the same as Ciaté's 'Antique Brooch'. The red one ('Rosy Rosettes') is very similar to Ciaté's 'Love Letters', so I decided to get the silver one, called 'Foil Flash'. I can't wait to try this one out!

Lastly, I got two brushes and a brush cleanser at Di. They have a whole range of Barbara Hoffman brushes and accessoires which were on sale. If you bought two, you got one for free. I got a big powder brush and a weird angled brush. I think I'm going to use that last one for concealer. I haven't heard anything about these brushes before but they are so soft! I used the angled one this weekend to blend out my concealer and it worked beautifully!

What makeup products did you buy this month?


  1. I am on the hunt for those Maybelline Brocades, but no luck so far:/ U wanted the gold one:) The brushes look very soft an well made:)

  2. I'm so jealous you have the Body shop :P And the nail polish looks so pretty :)


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