Hair Care Haul: Garnier, Dove and Pantene

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hey girls! I went to Kruidvat today because I needed a new pack of cotton pads to remove my makeup. But OFCOURSE, when you go to kruidvat, you can't leave without buying other stuff. A few brands had new launches of hair care products and I decided to try some things out. I got a conditioner, a serum and a mask.

When it comes to hair, I am really bad at taking care of it. It has gotten better, I sometimes put oil in it or put a hair mask on, but overall... I could do a better job. My hair dresser usually gives me a speech about how to take better care of my hair and I've decided to really do it this time because it's very dry and I have so many split ends.

1. Dove Hair Therapy Leave-on Conditioner Spray - about €4,50 (not sure)
This concept probably exists for a while now, but I think this is GENIUS. I am a bit lazy in the shower and I almost never use conditioner... Shame on me, I know. But I think I'm going to like this! It's a leave-on duo formula (to detangle and moisturize your hair) conditioner spray, enriched with oils and serum. It has two layers that you have to shake up really well before you use it on your hair. It also smells very good. 

2. Garnier Ultra Doux Reconstructing Serum with Honey for split ends - €7.99
When I saw the words 'honey', 'serum' and 'reconstructing', I wanted to pick it up. This is part of a whole line, with a shampoo, conditoner and mask. But I only decided to pick this up. It is described as a formula that does not weigh down the hairs and has a rich honey perfume. It contains honey, royal jelly and propolis (which is supposed to be a sort of cement, also made by bees, that the bees use to restore their beehives.). So this serum uses a kind of natural cement to help take care of your split ends. They also say that it revives your 'tired' hair. I think that is very interesting and I can't wait to try it out. It all sounds amazing. It also smell very good, the smell reminds me of the Honey Mania products from The Body Shop.  

3. Pantene 2 minute Intensive Nurturing Mask - €3,50
I found this in the store in the sale section, for only 3,50 euros. It's the 2 minute mask from Pantene, for intensive hydratation and protection of damaged hairs. You put it all over your hair, let it sink in for about two minutes and then rinse it out. I think I will do this about once a week, to give my hair some extra attention and care. This smell like the stuff they use on you when you go get a hair cut. My bathroom is going to smell like a salon when I use all these products. 

So that was my little hair care haul, I will probably talk more about these products if I like (or not like!) them. If you guys want a review of something, feel free to ask ^^

What are your go-to haircare products?


  1. Have you tried the Dove Nourishing oil care treatment conditioner? It's the bomb :)

    1. I've seen it in stores but I have never tried it :D
      I might pick it up!


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