M.A.C. 'Golden Hours' Mineralize Eyeshadow Review + Swatches

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello sweeties! How are you today on this sunny monday? I'm back today with a review on the M.A.C. eyeshadow in 'Golden Hours'. I got this along with the 'Stereo Rose' Mineralize Skinfinish. It's part of the Fantasy of Flowers collection for spring. I looked at it in the store and the colors were right up my alley, so I decided to pick it up.

If you are wondering about the delicious Easter eggs lying next to the eyeshadow... Those were happily eaten by me (a)

This quad contains four baked mineralize eyeshadows, all in the warm peach-brown-gold tones. There is a warm cocoa-brown, a peach with gold shimmer, a soft pale golden color - also with gold shimmer and a warm golden brown (this is my favorite). You can also mix two, three of all four colors with each other to create new colors.

In the photo below, you can see swatches without and with an eyeshadow primer (I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance). These are quite powdery eyeshadows so a good primer helps the shadows to hold on to the eyelid/skin better. I like the colors a lot, but the pigmentation could have been a bit better, in my opinion. Mineralize eyeshadows can also be used wet, so I might try that, to bring out a bit more color. But for neutral eyelooks, this can be a good option.

Have you picked up anything from this collection?


  1. Such gorgeous colour! Wish they came with easter eggs though haha.

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. All the shades look gorgeous and exactly what I like to wear:))

  3. Great shades and by the looks of it, they really compliment each other nicely :)


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