Let Spring Begin: Top 5 Nail Polishes for the Season

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hello everyone! After a week of being away with school, I'm back to blog for you! Spring is almost here but after a very sunny day here in Belgium, I couldn't wait to start writing about it. On Instagram, there is a tag going around called 'The Spring Tag'. You're supposed to pick your top 5 favorite nail colors for the upcoming season. I decided to talk a bit more about each color here. 

1) Essie 'Blossom Dandy': This was an early birthday present from my two friends Lisa and Marijke. They know me so well, because this color is right up my alley. On the Essie website, this is described as an 'Eye catching light blue with a hint of mint'. These kind of colors are my favorite for spring and summer. So fun and bright.

2) Essie 'Fiji': Ofcourse, what did you expect? I can't write a nail polish favorites post without this little beauty. This creamy pale pink is subtle yet eyecatching. I love how elegant and fresh it looks on the nails. To be honest girls, I can talk about this one for hours... I've written a review on this color, you can check it out here. 

3) O.P.I. 'You're Such A Budapest': A nice 'periwinkle' (Really, who invented that name?) of blue-purple pastel color. Do we need more? I was on a little hunt for this color and found it in France. Gorgeous color for this season. I like it so much! Kiko has a very similar color, if you can't get your hands on this one. I also have a review on this one, in case you're interested.

4) Dior Nail Glow: This one is a bit different from all the other ones here in this post. It's actually a nail enhancer that gives your nails a natural healthy glow. It works similar to all those universal lipsticks and lip balms that react to your skin and make a unique color. It gives my nails a rosy tint and I really like how it looks.
Fun fact: it glows in the dark as well!

5) Revlon Colorstay 'Buttercup': And another pastel! For me, spring is all about the pastels. A good pastel yellow is a very hard color to find, but this line of nail polishes is amazing! It's a very cute buttery yellow color, with the cutest name ever!

What's your favorite thing about spring?


  1. I love your picks, and you got me super intrigued with the Dior Nail Glow. Now I kinda want to splurge on it, you're a bad influence ;)


  2. Muahaha! It's a very subtle effect but I like how it looks on the nail... If you ever pick it up, I hope you won't be disappointed!


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