Kiko Clics System: Review & Swatches!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy Sunday everyone! How is your weekend going? Today, I wanted to talk about the Kiko Clics System. Just like the Inglot Freedom System and with MAC palettes, you can now buy seperate palettes at Kiko and fill them up with the colors you want! This way, you can make your own perfect palette. When I visited Kiko in February, everything from the Clics system was -50%. So I decided to put together a palette for myself!

I decided to pick up a palette for 4 eyeshadows. You can pick up a palette for 1, 3, 4 of 24 colors. The palettes are quite cheap, the one for 4 colors is 2,50€. The most expensive one for 24 colors is 6€. They have a wide variety of eyeshadows, bright as well as neutral colors. The eyeshadows are 2,40€ each. It wasn't easy to choose from all the colors, but I managed to find 4 lovely colors.

I picked up: 
- 236, a light shimmery taupe
- 220, a light pink shade with a golden sheen
- 237, a matte light beige
- 217, a matte dark chocolate color

This is what the palette itself looks like. Sleek, clean and matte black. It's quite bulky and big, so not the type of palette that's easy to take with you on a trip. It closes with a magnet. Very steady but still easy to open/close.

You can pop the colors in very easily. They don't move and are very steady. You can easily pop them out again thanks to the little space on the side.

Here are swatches of the colors. 236, 220, 237, 217. Thease are very soft and buttery eyeshadows. The pigmentation is more than okay, look at that brown color! The light beige color blends in with my skin tone but I think it will be a good transition color for my crease.The two shimmery colors both have a beautiful sheen to them.

I think this is a very fun and affordable system, a good alternative for the (more expensive) M.A.C. eyeshadows. If you wait for a sale, these are even more cheap! It blows my mind a little bit.

Do you like Kiko eyeshadows?


  1. I absolutely love all the shades you picked up, and this clics system sounds amazing. But of course we don't have KIKO here, will probably cave soon and order a few things online :)

    1. It sucks that they don't have a Kiko in Slovenia yet! :(

  2. I love those freedom system palettes. I was actually looking at this Kiko palette, but I want to buy it in person, so that I can see how the shades actually look like. I also love the fact that it's pretty cheap.:) You chose really pretty shades. I especially like the first one-shimmery:)

    1. I like it too, especially because you can choose your own colors! And indeed, the price-quality is amazing! The first one is my favorite as well ;)


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