Empties #7: February 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello sweeties! It's March, yay! I love March: the beginning of spring and my birthday probably have something to do with that... Let's start this month with one of my favorite types of blogpost: empties! I love writing these as much as I love reading them.
Because my february favorites are pretty much the same as my january favorites, I decided not to do one this month. But I'll do a March favorites and I hope you'll accept this post instead of a favorites one. Let's started on what I finished in the last couple of months! :)

1. Oral B 3D White Glamour Toothpaste: I'm personally a big fan of Oral B tooth pastes, but I don't really understand how the 'Glamour' version is different from the normal 3D White one. It workes good, but not that different from other Oral B ones.
Would I repurchase? I don't think so.
2. Sensodyne Fresh Mint (travel size): I have very sensitive gums so my dentist suggested that I tried out Sensodyne, because it's famous for being a good toothpaste if you have problems with sensitivity. I haven't noticed such a big difference yet, but I like it.
Would I repurchase? Yes! :)
3. Dr Van Der Hoog Healing Honey Peel Off Mask: You will notice A LOT of honey products in this post, so be prepared! We'll start off with this one: a face mask! I love using face masks (and then send scary snapchats to all of my friends) and this one was very nice. I'm a big fan of the Dr Van Der Hoog face masks. 
Would I repurchase? Maybe not this one in particular, but I always try out new ones from this brand.
4. Yves Rocher Expert Reparation Body Lotion: You guys have seen this one way too much on my blog. I love this body lotion. It's heavy and work perfectly for very dry skin, but is not greasy AT ALL.
Would I repurchase? Hell yeah!

5. Garnier Make-up remover for Waterproof make-up: I got this in a Deauty box once. It's one of those half water/half oil ones that you have to shake up before using it. I liked this one! It took off mascara very well, even waterproof ones.
Would I repurchase? Maybe after I finish up other ones.
6. Gemey Maybelline Express Manicure Nailpolish remover (without acetone): There's not a lot to say about this one, except this: If you need a polish remover that works amazing and does not dry out your skin: use this one. Enough said ;)
Would I repurchase? Absolutely, I always do!
7. Hema Daycream for Dehydrated Skin: I used to own the night cream of this line and I was fond of that one. This was no exception, it's very hydrating and does not make your skin look greasy. I did not completely finish it, but it got bad and started seperating. Time to get rid of it!
Would I repurchase? Maybe, not sure yet.
8. Rituals Qi Gong White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren Deodorant: This deodorant had a very nice and unique scent, unlike any deodorant I had ever tried before. It's very gentle on the skin and the scent lingers quite a while, without overpowering.
Would I repurchase? I might!

9. Garnier Ultra Doux Reconstructive Serum with honey: You guys know how much I like this serum. It softens your hair and makes it smell amazing. I also notice less frizzyness when I use this.
Would I repurchase? Yes. In fact, I got two of them. The reason of that will become clear in a couple of weeks... *hint hint*
10. The Body Shop Honey Mania Showergel: Another honey product! I loved this shower gel, I've had it before. There's not much to say about these shower gels, they're just very lovely and smell great!
Would I repurchase? Yes!
11. The Body Shop Passion Fruit Showergel: And another shower gel from The Body Shop! I have too much shower gels and I'm using them all up. Next empties, you'll probably see some shower gels as well. This one had a very strong scent, but in a good way! It wakes you up. After my shower, my whole studio smelled like it. Big fan of this one.
Would I repurchase? Without a doubt.
12. Garnier Ultra Doux Shampoo with Camomille and Honey: Probably my favorite shampoo ever. I always go back to this one. I'm currently using another one (also with honey, who could've guessed that??) but after that, I'll probably repurchase this one again for spring and summer. It lightens up your hair a bit, which I really like.
Would I repurchase? Yup! 
13. Garnier Ultra Doux Conditioner with Camomille and Honey: Match made in heaven, these two! The conditioner makes the hair soft and easy to handle.
Would I repurchase? I think you know the answer to that question ;)

Those were my empties from the last couple of months! I hope you liked it. If you did a empties post lately, you can always leave the link in the comments, I'll be happy to check it out.



  1. You did good & I always love reading empties :D Oh, didn't know that your birthday is in March, when is it?

    1. Thanks, sweety! It's the 23rd of March :D
      When is your birthday again?

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