Nail of the Day: Topshop Nailpolish in 'Moonstone'

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Today I have a Topshop nailpolish to show you guys! I bought this on holiday in Copenhagen. Sadly, we don't have Topshop stores in Belgium, but I always wanted to try their nailpolishes! When I saw this in Denmark, I could't resist buying some colors. I bought this color, named 'Moonstone'. This a metallic rose gold color, which always looks different in certain lights. 

I'm really impressed with this nailpolish! I used two coats, but one was quite opaque as well! The only downside is that this will accentuate every single line in your nail. So a base coat is (as always) recommended ;)

This nailpolish is not really cheap, it's 6£ or around 7 euros, but because I bought this in Denmark, I payed 10 euros for it. I would really recommend this polishes, because they're unique in colors, they're opaque and dry really quickly!

Have you tried their nailpolishes?

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