Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish Haul + Review

Saturday, January 24, 2015

It has been 25 days since my last blogpost. 25! God, I've missed you guys! How is everyone doing? I've been studying like crazy the last couple of weeks. I had exams this week and I made a pact with my friends: start studying at 8AM, stop at 9PM. It has been hard and boring at times, but it was all worth it: my exams went quite well! Now, FINALLY time to blog again! Let's talk about something very fun today: nail polish!

Earlier today, I went to a store called 'Action', where you can buy all sorts of things for a very cheap price. From cleaning goods, school stuff, food and (the best part, ofcourse): beauty stuff! I went through the boxes of nail polish on the bottom shelves. I wasn't that impressed at first, because they mostly had Sally Hanssen glitter polishes. Suddenly, I saw a Revlon Colorstay nail polish in my hand. My jaw dropped. You can't find these ANYWHERE here in Belgium, and suddenly they were here at Action? I looked further (I literally sat on my knees in the store and looked trough all the boxes) and found another bunch of them. In total, I got 6 colors. But the best part is: these were €0,99 a piece.

The six colors I got are:

  • Fall Mood: A gorgeous, shimmery bronze color. I painted my nails with this one when I got home and will review this one later in this post.
  • Bare Bones: a true creamy 'Greige' color. Something in between grey and beige. Very nice neutral color.
  • Buttercup: The lightest cream pastel yellow color I've ever seen. Such a cute color, it scream 'Spring' to me. Amarixe has raved about this one a lot on youtube.
  • Marmelade: A creamy, bright orange. This one will go on my toes this weekend!
  • Midnight: Navy Cream color. Very beautiful and not too dark.
  • Spanish Moss: A creamy, khaki color. This one is so pretty! They also had a darker one called 'Jungle' but I decided that one color like this was enough.
I could not believe these were €0,99 a piece. On the boxes, it said that everything was €2,39 and I was fine with that price. But later, on the ticket I saw that they were a lot cheaper. It made my day.

I painted my nails with 'Fall Mood' when I got home and I really like the consistency of the polish. I have two Revlon nail polishes like this one: Vintage Rose and Red Carpet, so I knew that they have a nice formula. Two coats cover the nail perfectly and they dry quite fast. Fall Mood is a very beautiful bronze, almost rose-gold color with a metallic finish. I love colors like this.

Have a nice weekend, sweeties <3


  1. Congratulations on your exams. I guess the studying was worth it! :)) Oh I am so jealous right now. I only have two Revlon nail polishes and really really like how long lasting they both are. An that price - amazing. They are much more expensive in our country. I especially love the first three shades you got. :D

    1. Normally, these are so much more expensive as well. And you can't even find this specific line normally. But 'Action' is a store that buys large amounts of all sorts of products in other countries and than sells them here for a very cheap price. It's getting really popular :D

    2. The concept sounds amazing. Wish we had something like this here:))

  2. 0.99€ a piece? What a bargain!
    And congrats on your exams :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. I'm curious to see how it performs on the nails! :)


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