They are finally here: Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow 24hr Review

Monday, July 23, 2012

Yes yes yes, ladies! These are finally available in Europe! I was on a visit in Sluis, Zeeland this weekend and I found these eyeshadow in Etos! I could not believe my eyes! I snatched them off the shelf and couldn't stop staring at them :D

I bought two colors, 'On and on bronze', a bronzy color and 'Permanent taupe', a dark taupe. In the states, these are knows as 'bad to the bronze' and 'tough as taupe'. I don't know why they changed the names in Europe but I liked the other name better.

                                          Left: On and on bronze
                                          Right: Permanent taupe
The packaging of these reminds me of the M.A.C. Paintpots, with the glass container and the black lid. 

On to the swatches! I really like these colors, I think they could be great as a base color, but also as a color all over the lid! This is great for when you don't have a lot of time in the morning, you just put on of these on and you're ready to go!

                                  Swatches: On and on bronze, Permanent taupe

But now: THE question. Do these really last all day, or even 24hr? 
I decided to try it out! I used Permanent taupe as a base for my make up today. No primer, just this eyeshadow!

                                Permanent Taupe, blended out at 8AM
                        My eye makeup today, using the UD Naked palette, at 8AM (8u)
                             After a day of work, at 6PM (18u)

So the answer is no, they don't last all day :( After 10 hours, this is what it looks like on my eyes! I can have really oily eyelids, mostly in the summer, and I really need an eye primer under my eyeshadows, especially cream eyeshadows. I'm kind of disappointed because these could have been great and I heard such amazing things about them!

Do I like this product? Yes, I do. I LOVE the colors and I will use these a lot. But, I'll have to use an eyeshadow primer with it! 

These are €9,99 in Etos in Holland but I got a reduction of €5! I think they're also available in Belgium now! So go, get yourself some! :D

Do you like the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows?
xx, Astrid

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