Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadows Review + Swatches

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hey everybody! Today, I went to the drugstore and I saw they were having a sale on Catrice single eyeshadows. They were 2 voor €5. I never got any single eyeshadows by Catrice but I saw some really nice colors. So I picked up 4 of them.

I got: 
1) 680 - Shade Of Grey: Grey taupe with a satin finish
2) 630 - Fancy A Coppa Tea?: Beautiful light coppery gold color. This one reminds me a bit of 'All That Glitters' by M.A.C.
3) 760 - No. 1 Candydate: this one looks just like a normal beige color but oh my god, it's one of the most beautiful colors I've ever seen once swatched. It has a gorgeous pink sheen.
4) 090 - Bring Me Frosted Cake: A nice matte cream color.

 Swatches left to right: Bring me frosted cake, No. 1 Candydate, Fancy A Coppa Tea?, Shade of Grey

I included two photo's with the swatches, so you could see the sheen on these eyeshadows. They are so amazing and beautiful. 'Bring me a frosted cake' is not that pigmented, but I don't mind. You can use this color all over the lid as a base of as a highlight. 'Shade of Grey' swatches lighter than you would expect when you see it in the pan, but I still like the color a lot. 'Fancy A Coppa Tea' is creamy, pigmented, metallic and very pretty. I like this one a lot! But my favorite one has to be 'No. 1 Candydate'. Such a cool color! It has a pink sheen to it, which makes it very unique. It's also very pigmented and creamy. I don't own anything like it. The photo really does not do it justice, it's 10x more awesome in real life. This is one of those amazing drugstore finds!

Overall, these eyeshadows are pretty good! And they are only €2,89! Such a bargain. 

Have you ever tried these?


  1. I think I might need to get all of these shades. They're stunning.
    You should check out the shade 750 New in Brown, I absolutely love it!

  2. I only bought one matte shade and I loved it. I should try these. I love love Fancy A Coppa Tea:))


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