Kiko Top Pairs Duo Blushes in '02 Raspberry Rose & Peach' and '03 Rosewood & Azalea' Review

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's day, sweeties! How are you guys spending the day? I'm going to watch 50 Shades of Grey later tonight! But for now, I want to talk about some amazing blushes from Kiko. I went to Lille last week and they have a few Kiko stores there. I wanted to find the duo blushes from last season's 'Daring Game' collection. I did find them AND they were on sale. They still had two color pairs available.

I saw these blushes on lots of blogs a few months ago and I just loved the packaging. It's a pearl white compact with hot pink metallic print on it. Gorgeous! It's quite a big compact so it will take some place in your make-up bag. But waw, they are just so beautiful!

I got two color pairs: '02 Raspberry Rose & Peach' and '03 Rosewood & Azalea'. Each compact has a satin and a matte blush color. 'Raspberry Rose & Peach' are a matte hot pink and a satin true peach color. 'Rosewood & Azalea' are a dusty mauve with a slight shimmer and a matte pink, which is a bit less vibrant in color than Raspberry Rose.

From left to right: Raspberry Rose, Peach, Rosewood, Azalea

All of these blushes are soft and well pigmented. They swatch beautifully on the hand and look amazing on the skin. I love 'Peach' and 'Rosewood'. I have used those colors a few times and they really look very nice.

I'm not sure if these are still available in all Kiko stores, maybe some stores still have these on sale. I got them for about €6 each.

I hope you all liked this post. I wish you guys a wonderful Valentine's day, either you spend it with your loved one, your friends or your family. I love you guys <3
Have fun and have a great weekend!



  1. Astrid, I'm drooling over here! These are absolutely gorgeous and for 6€? Can't get any better...Well it could, if Kiko was available in Slovenia :D
    Wishing you a lovely Valentine's day/evening as well. xx

    1. I know, they are amazing! Kiko is not yet available in Belgium either, I think only through shipping from their website. I was lucky to find these in France :D

  2. I love these. Love all of the Kiko products, but can't get them in my country:/.

    1. They aren't available in Belgium as well, only if ordered on their website. I think they ship to a lot of European countries now, you can always check it out? :)
      I was just lucky to find these in a store in France ;)

    2. I know, but the shipping costs are ridiculous:/. Thumbs up for you for finding it, lucky girl;)).


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