January 2015 Make-up Favorites

Friday, February 6, 2015

February has already begun but I still wanted to share my January favorites with you guys. I don't do these type of posts often because I feel like I'll always show the same products. I want to do these more often this year so I'll try to write them each month or maybe every two months. Let's get started on the products!

I have a mix of old favorites and new discovered items. A bit of makeup, a bit of skin/hair care. I did not include nail polishes in this post because I haven't worn a lot of nail polish this months. I gave my nails some time to be 'free'. But don't worry, I have some NOTD's coming soon ;)

Let's start with skincare! First of all, I have my trusty old Expert Repair Shea Butter Lotion from Yves Rocher. This stuff is awesome. Because of the winter, I have very dry skin, especially my arms. This sinks into the skin superfast, makes the skin soft and it stays this way for a few days. I keep repurchasing this every time again. It's around €10, but they often have it on sale for €5.
In my Body Shop Advent calander, I received a small jar of Vitamine E Night cream. I love it! It's quite a thick cream, but I actually use this as day cream as well (again, dry skin needs more care). I like it more than the usual Vitamine E moisture cream for the day-time. It smells very nice. I think I might pick up the big jar when this is used up.
In New York, I saved up enough points at Sephora for a reward gift set. I waited a long time to try this one out but... waw. Just waw. I'm talking about the Algenist Advanced Anti-aging Repairing Oil. I don't know how they do did it, but it's a fantastic product. It's an oil that makes the skin incredibly soft, hydrated, it gives a bit of a glow but does not look greasy at all. I looked it up online, a full-size of this is about €70. I think that is a bit crazy, I can't spend that much money on a product. But for now, I really enjoy it.
Lastly, another big love of mine: Garnier Ultra Doux Honey Serum. This makes the hair supersoft, gives it shine and makes it smell very nice. Do I need to say more?

Next up: eyes! For eyeliner, I've been loving 'Coffee' by MAC. This is just a very dark brown color that makes your eyes pop. Very easy to use and very beautiful on the eyes. My lovely Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer (shade n° 2) has joined the party this month as well. No matter what concealer I try, I always go back to this one. I have talked a lot about it here, I know. A mascara i've been repurchasing for years now, is the Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara. When you first buy it, it's a bit too wet. You have to let it dry a little bit (not too much ofcourse) and then it's very good! It's seperates and lenghtens the lashes very well. I like to combine my Coffee eyeliner and Essence mascara with a neutral eye look and what better palette to create that look than my UD Naked Basics palette? I did a seperate review on this one, you can always read about it here

I am becoming a bit of a blush addict and this month, I've been loving these ones: the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in 'Fearless' (almost matte pink coral) and Catrice's Illuminating Blush in 'Coral Me Maybe' (true coral with shimmer). The Catrice one is perfect if you want a glowing look, the tarte one is more matte. They are both awesome!
After hearing so much about the Bourjois Healty Mix foundation, I decided to finally try it out. And it really is as good as they say. It covers blemishes but looks really natural. Very nice consistency, very pleasant smell (a bit fruity). Really worth trying it out. I apply it with the Sephora n° 56 brush, which is perfect for foundation. It's soft yet steady. Very good quality. The only downside about this brush is the very long handle, which makes it hard to fit in make-up bags. But other than that: great brush!

Yay, you made it till the end! Congrats! :D

I hope you liked this post and I'll talk to you guys very soon! ;)


  1. Now I remembered how much I liked that Yves Rocher lotion, will have to repurchase it at some point :) And I can't believe I still haven't tried that Maybelline concealer, need to hunt it down somewhere as of course it isn't available here :)


    1. It's the best lotion I ever tried! :)
      I hope you find that concealer, it's awesome! But I think L'oréal and Rimmel have a similar product ;)

  2. Very classy and elegant indeed! Even I have some awesome collection of Top Cosmetic Brands in India at Majorbrands.


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