My Essie Collection Part 1: Nail Care & Nudes

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hey everybody, I have an exciting little series for you guys. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably knew this already, I posted a little sneak peak there a few weeks ago. I'm going to share my Essie nail polish collection with you guys. I have quite a lot of them so I'm going to do it in three parts. Let's get started with part one: nail care and nudes!

I have about 38 Essie nail polishes, but there is one that I can't find anywhere ('Leading Lady') so I'll be showing you guys 37 polishes in thes series. I split them in three parts: nail care/nudes, red/pinks/oranges and greens/blues/purples. Today, nail care and nude polishes will be showed to you. I'm not going to swatch each color but I'll talk about the consistency and my thoughts on every one of them.

* Apricot Cuticle Oil: A lovely, soft cuticle oil that smells incredible. If you like peach (or fruity) scents, you'll like this! The smell is not too heavy, which I appreciate. It soften the cuticles and nourishes them. I never notice a huge difference when I use cuticle products but this one works fine for me. Remember, it's an oil so don't use this too much or your hands will be very greasy
* No Chips Ahead Top Coat: I got this in a set with the three most popular Essie colors but I never really noticed any great results when I used this. It didn't rock my world. It doesn't prevent chipping that well, in my opinion and I almost never reach for it. 
* Good To Go Top Coat: This one, however, I like! it has a bit of a thicker consistency that leaves a very nice gloss on your manicure. My Seche Vite has taken the first place but that doesn't change the fact that this is a great top coat as well.
* All In One Base - and Top Coat: This is a base coat as well as a top coat. I never use it as a top coat, since it gives a weird blue-ish tint to the nail color. As a base coat however, I like it a lot! It prevents the nails from turning yellow and helps the color adhere to the base.

* Mademoiselle: This is one of their best-selling colors and I can see why. It's a perfect sheer beige-pink to create a French Manicure with. It leaves the nails looking very elegant and clean. Fuss-free and nobody will ever notice it when it chips ;)
* Fiji: Fijiiiiiiiiiii. You all know how much I love this one. I wear it all the time, it's so beautiful. Almost white with a hint of pink. Always a winner for me. This is probably my #1 favorite Essie color ever, but you have to be a little bit patient with it. It needs about three coats to be perfectly opaque. The first time I used it, I was in a hurry and it turned out horrible! 
* Urban Jungle: Another very nice nude, more on the beige side. I haven't worn this one a lot yet, but it looks very elegant on the nails. I'd say it's like a beige Fiji, just tad bit darker.
* Not Just Another Pretty Face: You're in a hurry and you want a color that will suit any outfit and is easy to apply? You have picked the right color here! A sheer nude pink with a slight shimmery finish. You can built up the color as much as you want and make it more or less opaque. It's a nice color to wear sheer, but it also looks very nice when you slap on a few more coats! 

* Tea & Crumpets: Also one of my favorites! This is a more mocha version of 'Not Just Another Pretty Face', and has more of a pearl, shiny finish. When I don't know what color to wear and I'm in a hurry: I usually go for this one. 
* Demure Vixen: A pink mauve color with blue shimmers in it. This one is very beautiful but also needs about three coats to be opaque. 
* Lady Like: Pinkish taupe color. This is in my top 5! I saw it in so many youtube videos when this first came out and was so happy when they introduced this into the permanent collection. Great color for fall. So elegant and classy. 
* Chinchilly: A dark taupe with a grey tint. This is a great color for fall and winter but I haven't used it in a while. Too bad, because I actually like the color a lot. The formula is great as well!

This was part one of my Essie collection. I hope you like this series and that you'll stay tuned for the next two parts. Tell me about your experiences with Essie? Do you like them? What's your favorite color? 



  1. I'm so excited to see the rest of your collection. And damn girl, you definitely don't have a modest one :) Lady like has been on my WL forever, I definitely need to purchase it in the future :)

  2. Thanks! I always keep an eye open on Essie sales and I always have one on my Christmas/Birthday wishlist :D
    I just like this brand so much! xx

  3. Wow that really is a collection!:D I love Essie shades, but I'm the only person in the world that they don't last on. Don't know why?! Because everyone else raves about them. I did use good to go top coat and all in one base coat. I still use some of their other base coats, those I like:). That apricot oil seems interesting and I love the fruity smells:))

    1. Some color are a bit hit and miss, but overall I really like them! They last about a good three days with me, longer with the seche vite top coat :)


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