My Essie Collection Part 2: Blue, Green & Purple

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hey everybody, it's time for part two of my Essie collection! Today, I'll be talking about my blue, green and (part of) purple polishes. I already talked about my nude polishes and nail care last week. I'll put a link to that post at the end of this one, in case you have missed it. Go get a snack, sit back, relax and enjoy reading! 

* Style Cartel: I personally don't like black nail polish, I think it looks to harsh on me. I do like dark, 'almost' black colors, though! This one is a very dark blue color. Nice consistency and a gorgeous color for fall and winter.
* Lapiz Of Luxury: a vibrant blue color that gets lots of love in the summer! This one is very pigmented but comes out a bit darker than it looks like in the bottle.
* Parka Perfect: This is a beautiful grey color with a tiny hint of blue in it. I don't wear this as much as I should, it's such a beauty!
* Maximilian Strasse-her: A cool grey-green. This one is a very nice, light dusty green color. Too bad the name reminds me of guy I dated about a month last year, he was kind of an idiot...

* Turquiose and Caicos: One of my absolute favorites! I've used this so much over the years. It's a true blue-green color. It's one of the few sheer Essie colors, you need about three to four coats to get an opaque finish. 
* Mint Candy Apple: This is a very famous color by Essie. It's a beautiful mint green color that applies like a dream. I love this one!
* Blossom Dandy: I got this one as a birthday gift from two friends. It's from the Essie Spring 2015 collection. It's quite similar to Mint Candy Apple, but slightly more on the blue side. 
* Mojito Madness: A bright grass green that screams 'Summer'! This is such a fun color. I must be honest, I haven't worn this one yet, since I think it's more apropriate fot the summer months. I'm quite curious to see how it performs!

* Cosy Warm Turtleneck: A dusky purple color. Good quality, but sadly not a color I wear very often.
* Lilacism: A spring favorite! This pastel lilac color is so pretty! It takes about three coats to apply because it can be a tiny bit streaky. But the end result is gorgeous. This is one of my most used Essie colors.
*Angora Cardi: A creamy, deep rose color. Very nice darker color. No complaints about this one, it applies very smooth and looks great after two coats!

* Bahama Mama: This is a very popular color on blogs and youtube and I understand why! Dark plum purple color, great pigmentation, looks good on everyone... What are you guys still doing here? Go get it as well! 
* Shearling Darling: Another of those 'almost black' colors. Dark dark dark red. It's very similar to 'Rouge Noir' from Chanel. I love colors like this but you have to be very patient with it, because the tiniest mistake is noticeable. Taking it off is also a bit of a pain in the ass... Red stains everywhere! Is it worth it? I'd say yes ;)
* The Lace Is On: A jewel-toned fuchsia purple with a blue sheen. That says enough, I think! One of the most beautiful colors Essie has ever made, in my opinion. Fantastic formulation. Love love love!

Part 1: Nail Care & Nudes

We made it till the end! This was part two of my Essie collection. The last part, with orange, red and pink colors will be uploaded soon! 

Enjoy your weekend, 


  1. Ah, so many great colours and I laughed so hard when I read that comment about the guy you dated hahaha :D

    1. Oh trust me, the whole story behind it is even funnier! :D

  2. Oh wow, you've got so many :P These all look beautiful! :)



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