Sales Sales Sales: Maasmechelen Village Outlet Haul!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

July is sales month in Belgium and so the perfect time make a little trip to Maasmechelen Village, an outlet nearby the Dutch border. They have a few of my favorite stores, like Fossil, and they always have nice promotions. But this time, I really did find some awesome deals. I got some jewelry, a pair of awesome pants and my new all-time favorite shoes. 

My mom is a big fan of MaxMara and she was so happy to see the outlet store. Last year, I tried on a pair of jeans with white dots and a bit of a destroyed look in the MaxMara shop in Brussels. I tried on  a size that was slightly too small and wanted a bigger size, but they only have the one that was two sizes bigger. I was HUGE. My mom discovered the right size in the outlet shop and it fits perfectly. There was an extra sale on the outlet price so I only paid 81€ for this jeans, in stead of 159€! 

Next up: these amazing Tommy Hilfiger moccasins (is that how this style is called?). These were 66€ with an extra -30% so about 40€. I tried them on and wasn't use about them. I loved the color and level of comfortableness, but I wanted to wait and see if I found something else. At the end of our shopping trip, I hadn't found any other shoes so decided to take them with me. They had these in a 41 and a 42. The 42 fit me the best. These are so comfortable and I have been wearing them ever since! These are my new favorites!

Fossil is hands down my favorite jewelry/handbag store and the outlet is heaven. In the sales month, they have an extra -50% on all the jewelry and a part of the accessoires. I found this jewelry/watch box. I keep all my bracelets on a round holder, but a few of my Fossil bracelets are too oval to fit on the holder. This box has oval cushions in it, so those bracelets fit perfectly! The original price was (wait for it...) 139€. Which is crazy. The outlet price is 70%, so with the extra sale I got it for 35€! In the photo below, you can see how I already put some bracelets in it.

Also, at Fossil, I decided to enjoy the extra sales so I picked up some jewelry. The first piece is this bracelet with leather bands and gun metal/rose gold beads. Very lovely to wear it alone or to combine with different bracelets. I think this one was €12,50.

I picked up three pairs or earrings. The first one are these rose gold hoop style earring. They have a little twist to them, which I really like. I saw these in the regular stores a lot and always loved how they looked. With the extra sale, these were €16!

Than we have these silver studs that looks like a four leaf clover. I have a matching necklace (from a previous outlet trip) and also a rose gold bracelet with the same clover on it. I think these are so beautiful, from everyday wear or to wear to a party. And for €12,50, you just can't go wrong.

And last, but not least, these round studs. I really don't know how the inside is called, but I always loved how these looked in the store. I didn't even know these were already at the outlets! I got them for €12,50 in stead of €39. I put them in my earring wagon, next to it's little similar sisters that I got for Christmas! 

At the Michael Kors store, I always enjoy to watch everything but I actually never buy something. They weren't having any extra special promotions, so despite a beautiful bracelet, I wasn't really interested in anything. In another shop, where they sell watches and jewelry from brands like Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Armani and Michael Kors, I saw the same bracelet! This store did gave an extra -50% so I decided to treat myself. I paid €47,50 for it, while the original price was €149,90! I'm so in love with the style of it, the photo just does not do it justice!

And now... My wallet must stay closed for ever!


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