Goed Gevoel Beauty Box April 2017 Review

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hello, my sweet beautiful readers! How are you all doing? A Belgian Magazine called Goed Gevoel included a beauty box with their issue this month, for only €6,90 extra. Deauty has teamed up with Goed Gevoel to put together the boxes and included 7 products, almost all full-size. Together, they are worth almost €90! Yes, you have read that correctly. I'll go over all the products with you guys and give a first impression about them.

First of all, let's talk about how GORGEOUS this box is. I love the blue and white print on them. It's one of the prettiest beauty boxes I've ever seen. When you open it up, you see all the beautiful products, included with a little booklet that gives information about all the products.

  • Essie 'Flawless' (€12,49): How did I never knew about this beautiful color? This is a true, classic pink color that is perfect for year round wearing. They said they included this color or a bordeaux one, but I'm quite happy to get this one. At my work, I'm not allowed to wear nail polish, for sanitairy reasons... But there is a long weekend with lots of events coming up so I might just wear it this weekend. I'll do a review on the color probably.
  • Institut Karité Paris Shea Hand Cream Rose Mademoiselle (€8): This smells like roses. Oh my god, such a pleasant scent! The hand cream is okay, not as good as my favorite TBS hand creams but it sinks into the skin quite fast and I like that. The packaging is so girly and cute too.

  •  Head&Shoulders Classic Shampoo (€1,99): I actually never tried the classic Head& Shoulders shampoo but a travel-size shampoo is never a bad idea. I'll keep this around for a trip!
  • L'Oeral Elseve Huile Extraordinair Oil-in-Creme (€5,99): So weird... The box of this product has all the info in french and dutch but the bottle itself has an unknown eastern-europe language on it. Very confused about that. However, it smells nice, a bit like Fall spices (nutmeg and ginger). You can use this on wet hair, dry hair, rinse it out, keep it in,... It nourisher without making it heavy. Time to experiment with this! 

  • Rainpharma Advanced Precleanser (€31,95): Now the expensive products are here. This 'pre cleanser' is supposed to be amazing and very revolutionary. You're supposed to take a little bit of this and massage it into the skin. Add water and it turns into a milky consistency (so they say). I already smelled it and it smells like a spa. So I'm curious to see: Does it work? Is it worth the money? I'll keep you posted.
  • Kueshi Nutrix Caviar Eye Contour (€26,50): An eye cream that is supposed to be amazing! Never heard of this brand before but I'm curious to see how well it works on my sleepy under eye bags! 
  • Garnier Skinactive Hydra Bomb Sheet Mask (€2,49): Aaaah, sheet masks. Who doesn't love them? I know I do. I've heard this is the bomb (like the title says) so I need to find a cosy evening to try it out. 
That were all the products. I'd say this is a great box with lots of nice goodies included. I actually decided to quit my Deauty-subscription after three years because I have more than enough stuff now. I also didn't get that excited with the content of my boxes anymore so it was time to stop. They are a great subscription box, if you live in Belgium and are interested. Also, if you live here and want to pick up this box: I'd say go for it! All these products for only 7€ is a steal!

Have a nice evening, gals!


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