Springfield Cosmetics First Impressions!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hi everyone!

Today, I went shopping with my friends in Brussels and when we entered Springfield, I noticed that they now carry a cosmetic line, called 'Springfield Cosmetics'. They sell blushes, eye shadows, nail polishes, lipsticks and so much more! Reason for me to pick up some products and tell you guys what I think about them! 

I picked up a lipstick, a lipgloss, an eyeshadow and a kohl eyeliner. Overall, I think the light pink packaging is really cute and girly. Now, on to the products and swatches! I'll start of with the lip products, the first thing I bought is the lipstick 'Rosa', an everyday pink color.

                                                  Swatch: Rosa

This lipstick is quite pigmented and looks like a perfect every day lip color. It kinda looks like a 'my lips but better' color to me and I can't wait to wear this!

I picked up one lipgloss in the color 'Madera'.

                                                  Swatch: Madera

This lipgloss is very pigmented and just glided very smoothly on my hand. It feels very soft, not really sticky! You can wear this color alone, or pair it with the lipstick 'Rosa', they're really similar.

Now, the eye products! I bought one eyeshadow in 'Brown'. This is a gorgeous taupy brown color, perfect for all over the lid.

To show you guys how big the eyeshadows are, I compared it with a MAC eyeshadow (in the color 'Wedge'). As you can see, the springfield eyeshadows are huge!

                                                    Swatch: Brown

I like the color and consistency of this eyeshadow. It felt really soft and went on smoothly. I had to build up the swatch a little bit, but overall the eyeshadow is nicely pigmented.

And finally, we have the kohl pencil in 'Black'. 

                                                  Swatch: Black

The kohl pencil also went on really smoothly and creamy. It looks like a great pencil to line your upper lashline with.You could use this on you waterline, because it is so creamy.

I'm so happy with these products! They're all nicely pigmented AND they are not really that expensive at all! Eveything costed 4,99, but they had a little sale going on where 3 products costed 9,99! Springfield did a great job creating this line and I can't wait to try out some more of their stuff.

You can also find their cosmetics on their website: http://eu.spf.com/

Do you like to shop at Springfield? Have you already tried their makeup products?
xx, Astrid

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