Astrid's Kitchen: Salade Liègeoise

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hello everyone! Welcome to another post about food! Today, I'm telling you guys how to make a delicious Salade Liègeoise. Yes, another salad. But hey, it's almost summer and salads taste great in the summer. This salad is slightly warm and maybe a bit more rich than the regular green salad, but it's DELICIOUS!

What will you need for this salad? (for 4 persons)
- Patatoes (500gr)
- Green Beans (300gr)
- Bacon (smoked or normal) -> You could use ham instead, to reduce the fat but the bacon is what gives this a great taste.
- A bit of onion (or a sjalot)
- 4 eggs
- Salt & pepper

To make the dressing (which is the best part ofcourse)
- 1 tsp of mustard
- 2 tsp of vinegar
- 4 tsp of olive oil
- Salt & pepper

Additional: some parsley

It's a very easy salad to put together. You cut the onion and bacon in small pieces and cook them in a pan, so the bacon will become crispy. Wash the green beans and boil them. Do the same to the patatoes. Boil the eggs. The eggs are best when they are a little tiny bit soft (not runny, although that would be delicious as well). 

When the green beans, eggs and patatoes are cooked, let them cool down quite a bit. They don't need to be cold, but just a bit warm. Cut the patatoes and eggs into pieces and put them in a bowl, along with the beans, onion and bacon. Season with salt & pepper and mix everything really well.

Now the best part: the dressing!
Just mix the mustard, vinegar and olive oil together and put a bit of salt and pepper in it. You can add more or less mustard if you want to make it taste stronger or less strong. 
Pour it over the salad and mix well.

You can serve some additional dressing and parsley.



  1. Looks delicious! I love salads, especially in the summer time. I can eat veggies with everything and it's a salad every day:) Especially when it's so hot, that cooking seems to be too much work:)

    1. This salad does take more time to get ready but it's so delicious! You can also make it with leftover green beans /patatoes :D


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