Flea Market Finds

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Traditionally, every second monday of June, there is a huge flea market in my home town. Everyone is aloud to set up a stand with 'old' stuff to sell and it's always a lot of fun. I love to look around at flea markets and buy some awesome stuff for a small price. Usually, I sell stuff there myself with my mom or a friend, but this year I had no time to look for things to sell. Due to weather conditions (we are heaving a lot of storms lately), a lot of people had left already when I arrived. But I found a few things that I absolutely adore!

I especially like to look around for jewelry. I saw a stand with some old, vintage jewelry but they were a bit too expensive for my taste. I decided to look around some more and I found a beautiful golden brooch with pearls. I got this for only €1, which was a nice price!

Me and a friend were walking around when we suddenly saw a beautiful black clutch with a golden chain. We both were so amazed by it. I asked for the price and the woman told us that it was only 2€, we knew one of us was going home with it. She said that I could buy it, but I ensured her that I would lend it to here, whenever she wanted to!

Lastly, I bought bag from a friend! I had my eye on this bag for so long and was so happy when she sold it to me. It's a beautiful taupe bag with big white polka dots! I love how it looks and it's big enough to use as a school bag. I paid 1€ for this one.

Do you like flea markets? What's the best thing you ever bought there?

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  1. That brooch looks amazing, can't believe it was only 1€. What a bargain!


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