100 Happy Days Challenge - Week 1&2

Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello lovely ladies! How are you doing? Today, I'll be showing you guys some of my favorite moments of the first 14 days of the '100 Happy Days Challenge'. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check the blogpost where I explain everything here. You can also follow me on Instagram (Astriddc93) to follow my daily adventures.

Photo's 1&2: Dinner with class mates - May 19: My classmates and I often get together to eat. We usually take away spaghetti sauce from the infamous 'Kastart', a restaurant where they have the best spaghetti in Ghent. We just cook the pasta ourself and heat up the sauce and we're good to go! These evenings are always very cosy and we talk and laugh a lot. Last time we also went to a parc in Ghent to play Jungle Speed.

Photo 3: A day at sea - May 21: I went to the sea to search for a vacation job. And I found one! :D I'll be working at a children's amusement park. Hopefully, it'll be fun. I also made a walk down the beach and took this picture.
Problem: I will be staying at our appartment at sea but internet connection will be a bit of a problem. Hopefully, I'll still be able to post pictures and blogposts!

Photo 4: Birthday dinner - May 24: My two brother are both born in the month of May so we usually celebrate their birthdays together. This year, we went to a restaurant in Ghent called 'Pampas', an Argantinian Grillhouse. It has an 'all you can eat' menu, where the (very hot) waiters walk around and bring you food at the table, as much as you want! It was very delicious. Me and my sister in law both ordered a cocktail. I got the regular mojito and she got an alcohol-free strawberry mojito.

Photo 5: A night in Ghent with Celien - May 26: My friend Celien from high school and I went to Ghent last monday. We love taking selfies so I made a little collage of the best photos. We always have lots of fun together. We don't see each other a lot, but when we do, we just catch up on everything, talk for hours and usually go out together.

These were some of my favorite moments in the past two weeks. 14 days done, 86 more to go. Count down with me on Instagram! Or better: start your own 100 Happy Days! :D



  1. I think I'll start doing this over the Summer, it looks so much fun :)

  2. this like such an amazing idea, we might have to suggest this to our friends. It looks like it's working for you guys!!



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