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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hello everybody, I have such a fun, delicious tag for you guys today! It's the nomnomnom tag, a tag about food. Yes, Foooood. I love food, lots of it, so when I saw this tag.... I just knew I had to do it asap. I've seen this on a Dutch blog and I couldn't find a lot of english blogs doing this so I translated the questions. I'm getting hungry, so let's get started.

1) What do you like what everybody else hates (and the other way around)?
I'm a very easy person when it comes to food so I like most things. But I don't like salami at all. It's a very popular to put on bread but I just think it smells horrible. I also don't like milk, I'll only drink it when it's turned into chocolate milk ;)
Something I like that most people I know don't like are oysters.The first time I ate one, I just swallowed it without really tasting it but I love them now. Salty and fresh. I also like nutella and peanut butter sandwiches, something that some people find strange but it's delicious!

 Source: Tumblr

2) What type of dishes do you cook most often?
Because I'm a student, I like to make things that are easy, fast and usually serve one person. So I often make pasta or rice dishes. I also like to use my mini wok a lot. It's easy, you can put in whatever you want and it always turns out good.

3) What’s your favorite restaurant?
That's a very difficult question for me because I love so many restaurants... But if I had to choose one, it would be 'Pollino', an Italian restaurant. We have been going there since I was very small. It's very crouded and loud, but it's one of the most popular places near our house. I love the atmosphere and the food is amazing. They have lots of pizza's, pasta's, meat and fish dishes. We went there for my birthday and I had my favorite: spaghetti carbonara.

 Source: Tumblr

4) If you could invent a sandwich, what would you name it and what would be on it? 
I would take a ciabatta bread or a multigrain baguette and just put all the stuff that I love on it. Goat cheese, chicken, roquette salad, tomato, honey-mustard dressing. I've never tried this combination, but it sounds good!  I'd call it 'Sweet Chick 'n Honey'. 

5) What’s on your food baking bucket list?

A lot of cakes! I want to try baking so many things: Red velvet cake, carrot cake, blondies, all sorts of cookies,... I don't bake a lot but I'm willing to learn!

Source: Tumblr

6) What would you rather do: cook your own meals, order in or eat in a restaurant.
All of them? 
I like cooking myself and I try to do it as much as possible but I love going to restaurants. It's pricey so it's not for everyday but I like doing it. The food is always so amazing and it's social and so. I don't order in a lot, I did it about about 1 of 2 times this school year,  but it can be very easy sometimes. 

7) Are you allergic for a certain type of food?
No, I'm not. Luckily!

8) What is your food obsession from the last couple of days/weeks/months?
- OATMEAL. I eat it almost every morning, I love it so much. I could really talk about it for hours, but I'm not going to torture you guys with that.
- At school, they sell all sorts of breakfast stuff like fruit, yoghurt, croissants and... Danish pastry filled with crème pâtissière AND pieces of chocolate. They're usually still warm. I sometimes skip breakfast at my studio to get one of those before class. My diet is not really working out on those days... :p
- I also discovered that they sell a 'Nutella Sandwich' in our favorite sandwich bar in Ghent. This sounds so random and not worth spending money on... Until you tried it. I ordered it once because I was suddenly craving Nutella and it's basically a big piece of baguette, just out of the oven, with a think layer of Nutella. Warm, freshly baked bread and Nutella.... Can you understand the current obsession? Just thinking about that makes me hungry right now.

Source: Tumblr
9) What’s your favorite desert?
Molten Lava Cake, also known as 'moeulleux aux chocolat'. Whenever I see this on the menu, I just have to order it. I always have to try it out, in every restaurant where they make it. My dad sometimes jokes about how I should write a book with reviews about every single one I try :p
Other deserts I HAVE to order when I see it on the menu, is Tiramisu or cheesecake. Not all at once, of course.

 Source: Tumblr
10) Share a cooking tip 
I don't really have special tips. I'd say: when you make oatmeal in the microwave... Keep an eye on it. I once put in the microwave and just went on with getting ready and it cooked over and made a HUGE mess. 

If you read this, you are officially tagged to do this as well!

Time to eat something ;)


  1. It was definitely a mistake reading this so late. I'm soooooooo hungry now :D

    1. I know the feeling! When I finished this, I was so hungry! :p


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