USA Haul Part 1: Bath & Bodyworks and Nail Polish

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hi lovely ladies! Welcome to part one of a trilogy of USA Hauling. Are you ready? Are you able to handle it all? Yes? Good. Today, we're starting with nail polish and stuff from Bath & Body Works. Next haul will be makeup (my back is soar from leaning over and taking pictures. I warn you, it will be a lot). Last but not least, part 3 will be fashion and jewelry. I did not but any clothing items but I did buy one pair of shoes, a few bags and lots of jewelry. Most of the jewelry were on sale. Stay tuned for all of that!

After watching over a hundred hauls on youtube, I was so happy to finally walk into a B&BW and look around. Their fall line just came in and they were having a few sales. I was very overwhelmed and a bit lost, there was so much to choose from! 
The sales: 3 little candles for $10, 2 three wick candles for 22$, buy 2 items from the permanent range, get one for free/get three items, get two for free. They also had a sale on handsoaps, but I only got two.

I smelled all the stuff from their permanent line and was very surprised how much scents I didn't like. I think my expectations were very high but I was a bit disappointed by most of the scents. Until I smelled 'Amber Blush'. Waw, this was the one! I got two shower gels and one fine fragrance mist, so I got one of the three items for free. It's described as a 'feminine and sensual blend of raspberry champagne, gardenia petals and magnolia blossom with a seductive kiss of crysallized amber and creamy vanilla.
I also got two deep cleansing hand soaps: 'A walk in the woods' ('colorful leaves, crisp air, snuggly sweaters and visits to the orchard.') and 'Crisp morning air' ('Breathe in the invigorating scent of mountain pine, fresh juniper and pear'). 

I got two big candles: Harvest Peaches and the infamous Leaves. The candles are as good as I've always heard. I got the Peach one in Ghent (I didn't get a photo of this one, I'm sorry) and It smells amazing. The scent fills up the whole room. I also got three little ones: 'Mahogany Teakwood' (Which smells like a hot guy, I hope my future boyfriend will smell like this), 'Pumpkin Pecan Waffles' and 'Salted Caramel Corn'. My mom liked all the candles but when she smelled 'Bourbon Butterscotch', she said: 'This smells like the caramels I ate when I was little!'. So we got that one as well, for her.

About the nail polishes, I'm going to keep it short and just list them under the photo. You'll see a lot of these in future NOTD's.:
  • Essie Cuticle Apricot oil (for only $3,99 at Marshall's!)
  • OPIGwen Stefani mini set (Only $5,99 at Marshall's)
  • Formula X 'Radical' (dusty light pink) and 'Extra Ordinary' (light grey)
  • OPI 'Wonderous Star' and 'My dogsled is a hybrid'
  • Essie 'Style Hunter', 'Urban Jungle', 'Bahama Mama', 'Mojito Madness' and 'Maximilian Strasse Her'
  • Revlon Parfumerie 'Lavender Soap', 'Lime Basil' and 'Wintermint'
  • China Glaze 'For Audrey'
  • Revlon 'Copper Penny'
  • Dior Nail Glow
  • Seche Vite Top Coat
  • Marc Jacobs 'Lola'

That was part 1 of the trilogy. I'll upload part two soon, after a Deauty Box September review! Have a great weekend ladies! 


  1. Ah, cannot wait for the next part. And I'm very jealous about all the Bath & Bodyworks products :D

    1. I'm working on part 2 :D Will probably be up tonight or tomorrow! x

  2. Such pretty products. I'm so jealous:) The candles look amazing and I hope they smell that way too:). That Revlon golden shade looks amazing:)

    1. The candles are indeed very good! I have the peach one at my studio in Ghent and it smells great! :)


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