H&M Beauty: Review and Swatches

Monday, June 13, 2016

As a lot of you may know, H&M has recently brought out a FANTASTIC new beauty line. About two weeks ago, they were having a 'buy 2, get 1 free' sale. I bought some stuff and now, I'm completely hooked. I got a lipstick, a blush and a velvet lip cream. A week later, I went back to get another lipstick. In this post, I'll be showing swatches of everything. 

I got the following products: 
- Velvet Lip Cream in 'Le Beau Monde'
- Pure Radiance Powder Blush in 'Pink Peach'
- Cream Lip Color in 'Siena Piazza' and 'Penny Red'

First of all, let's talk about the gorgeous packaging. The lipsticks have a golden packaging with a white lip. Very beautiful combination, it looks luxurious. The blushes have a hexagonal shape and are a shiny black packaging. Very light, very compact. The back is golden as well. The Velvet Lip Creams have a plain clear packaging with black. I think it all looks very chic.  

Okay, they have A LOT of different blush shades. But I love my pinks so I decided to pick this one up. 'Peach Pink' is a gorgeous every day pink shade with a golden sheen. Ever since I first used it, it's been a favorite. It's very pigmented yet looks very natural on the skin. I love the formula as well, it's easy to blend. Also, it does not take a lot of space in my make-up bag! 
These blushes are €7,99 and you get 5gr of product.  

I haven't tried the Velvet Lip Cream in 'Le Beau Monde' yet, so I haven't included any more photos of it in this post. I'll keep you guys posted about how it performs. I did include a swatch in the photo below! The Velvet Lip Creams are €7,99 as well, for 2ml.

Now, on to the fabulous lipsticks. I first got 'Siena Piazza', which is a brown nude color with a hint of pink in it. When I wear it, it has a slight, tiny orange hue to it. It's bright and noticable, yet very wearable. I love this shade so much! 
I then got the color 'Penny Red', which is a mauve plum shade. I feel so badass with this one, it's not a color I would normally wear. I feel like a vamp with it, even though is not really that much of a vampy color... It's gorgeous!
The lipstick retail for €9,99. It has 3,5gr of product.

Swatches: Siena Piazza, Penny Red, Le Beau Monde, Pink Peach

These all swatch very creamy and pigmented. H&M has nailed this beauty line. I want to try out soooooo many more things now!

Have you tried out some products from the H&M line?


  1. I have one of their blushes as well and I definitely need to pick up more since I absolutely love it and it lasts a lifetime on me. The shade you have looks right up my alley.
    I also really like the eyeshadows - both cream & powder, but I wasn't impressed by their nail polishes. Need to try out some more products asap :)


    1. The lipstick are amazing, I'd recommend them to everybody! I want to buy so much more of them haha :D

  2. I also have two blushes and they are amazing. I want to buy more :). What appeals to me is the fact that they have a lot of dirty browny peaches that are not in your face like most drugstore blushes. Yours also looks super pretty. I have to try some lipsticks as well. Siena Piazza looks so pretty. My kind of shade :D.

    1. They have such a wide range of colors, I love it :D xx


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