Nail of the Day: China Glaze Stone Cold

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hey everyone! Today I'm showing you guys a nail polish that I ordered from Cherry Culture. It's the China Glaze Stone Cold nail polish. This is part of the Hunger Games collection. This a matte gun metal color and I was so excited to try this out!

                                         Stone Cold, 1 coat

I have mixed feelings about this color. I like that it's matte, but the color came out darker than it looked like in the bottle. For me, it's just a bit too dark. I'm not used to wear colors like this, so maybe I should get used to them more. I don't know, I was just a bit disappointed in the color. Some I do love is how it catched the light :)

However, the formulation of the polish was fantastic. The color was opaque in ONE coat! I think that's amazing. When I took the picture, I tought the nail polish was already dry so it smeared a bit on my index finger, haha!

I like the polish, but I'm just not loving it. I think I will already take this off tonight or tomorrow. Maybe I will wear this more in the fall/winter. 

This collection is still available on the Cherry Culture website.

What do you think of this color?
Would you buy it?

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