Kruidvat Haul: Sale items and Repurchases!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello everybody! Today, I took a little trip to Kruidvat. Kruidvat is one of the popular drugstore chains here in Belgium. I went there just to repurchase some of my favorite products and of course, I got sucked in and bought some sale items...So I wanted to show you guys my purchases now, I could'nt wait until tomorrow!

The first thing I got was the Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Scrub. I needed a face scrub because I forgot mine at my room in Ghent and I'm at home for a couple of weeks now. So I decided to try this one out. If you want, I can do a review on this scrub.

I also got a new Nivea Straight & Gloss Shampoo. I've been using the Fructis Fruit&Passion one for a while now (it smells like passion fruit and the smell lingers in your hair, which is amazing) but I missed this one because it makes my hair look less frizzy. So I decided to repurchase it. Just like the Pearl & beauty deodorant. It has a subtle smell but it stays for a long time! Nivea has amazing products and I really recommend these ones :)

On the way to the register, I walked by the 'On Sale'-boxes filled with makeup and I decided to take a look. A lot of the products where sadly broken or dirty but I found three things that were unharmed. I got 2 blushes: the Catrice 'I got the Flower' blush (original price: €3,99), from the recent Glamazone collection. I love finding items from older collections on sale. It's a hot pink blush with a slight hint of purple. I also got the Rimmel 'Madeira' blush (original price: €7,99!!). This is a very neutral, pinkish brown color. Both were €2,50.
Lastly, I got the Essence Glow In the Dark Topcoat for €0,50.

I'm happy with the things I got, especially the two blushes. I just couldn't leave them there, all alone.
If you made to the end of this blogpost: congratulations. I know I talked A LOT about these products :p

What are the last beauty products you got?

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