London Haul Part 2: Fashion, Shoes and Accessoires!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hello, my lovely ladies! Today I'm showing you the second part of my London Haul. I didn't go to many shops, just Primark and New Look. I got some lovely thing for the Fall and Winter season ;)

First, I went to Primark. All the Clothing I got in this Haul was from Primark. It's probably the biggest store I've ever been to. It's huge and it took me a couple of hours to see everything. These basic stretchy t-shirt were very comfortable and they had a ton of colors! They were only £3 each! I love getting t-shirts like this because they are casual and you can pair it with anything.

When I saw this off-white blouse with black dots hanging, I was sold. And so was this blouse, an hour later!

I tried on a few dresses, but this was to only one that looked good on me. It's a forest green dress with a lighter green print. It's a floral baroque type print, which I love! It came with a black and gold belt to accentuate the waist.

These two t-shirts were also only 3£! I love them, especially the dark bleu one. They are a bit longer than a regular t-shirt, but very flattering.

The most exciting find was this burgundy duffelcoat. He's beautifully made, has a print on the inside and the most important thing of all: very cosy and warm. Perfect for the winter! He was £28, which is a pretty good deal on a coat like this!

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. The first two pair were from Primark and the last one is from New Look.

I got these booties from New Look. These are not easy to put on (laces and belts) so if I want to wear these to class, I'll have to wake up 10 minutes early. But they're worth it ;)

When we arrived in London, I was raining very hard and I was wearing ballerina flats. You probably understand how happy I was to find these camel boots at Primark. I wore them immediatly and they were very comfortable and warm.

And lastly, some jewelry. I got two bracelets (the same one, but it different colors), midi rings (I've been looking for these for a very long time now), a pack of 9 pair earrings (the small ones always come in handy) and some big vintag looking earrings.

That's all I got, I hoped you liked this haul :D

I'll talk to you girls soon!


  1. Thank you for sharing what you got.

  2. Love the purchases and accesories are to die for.
    Would love if you check out my primark haul too :)
    Thank you


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