Sephora 'It Palette' Review & Swatches

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hey everyone. A few weeks ago, I went to Lille and at Sephora, I bought the 'It Palette' (You can see the rest of the haul here). They had two types of these palettes: a nude one and a smokey one. My taste in eyeshadows gravitates more to the nudes and browns. These looked really beautiful so I decided to pick it up.

In this palette, you get everything to create the ideal eyelook. You get 12 eyeshadows (a mix of shimmers and mattes), of which two of them are powder eyeliners. The first color of the second row is supposed to be an eyeshadow base, but it's actually a matte white powder shade. There is also a double-ended brush and a brown eyeliner included.

You can see pictures of all the colors below. On the first photo, you can see a golden-white highlighter, a light bronze color, a matte white 'base' and a pinky champagne which is also supposed to be a highlighter. This color reminds me a lot of Urban Decay's 'Sin' (even though the quality of this one is horrible, more about that later)
The next four color are a taupy golden brown color, a dark matte brown, a rose golden-brown and a matte grey (which I like a lot!). Matte grey colors are not that common in eyeshadow palettes. The taupe-brown and rose gold are also two of my favorite lid colors in this palette.
And lastly, we have a shimmery dark brown, a dark brown eyeliner shadow, a very interesting shimmery brown-grey shade and an even darker brown eyeliner color. I would have liked a black color better, the eyeliner color are too much alike in my opinion. I LOVE the grey-brown shade, it's again a very unusual color.
Now, on to the swatches. I have mixed feelings about the swatches. The highlighter color and the champagne color are just useless to me, because as you can see in the swatches: they hardly show up. It's just a bit of shimmer on the skin. The white base would work great to put all over the eyelid and create an even base for the rest of the eyeshadows. I like the other colors but the two eyeliner shades are just too similar for me. You can use these liners as a powder liner for a soft look or you can use them wet, if you want them to show up more. The other colors are very soft and have a good pigmentation.

You also get a double ended brush, with an soft eyeshadow brush on one side and an angled eyeliner brush on the other side. I really like sephora brushes, they are made very well. The eyeshadow brush feels really soft!

Last but not least, this palette also comes with a dark brown pencil eyeliner. It's a soft and creamy formula and I love this color!

Overall, I like this palette, even though there are two shades that hardly show up. You get a lot of great products for 29,90. If you're looking for a nude palette that's not too expensive, I'd recommend this one. It's a decent alternative of the UD Naked palettes.

What's your favorite nude palette?


  1. Looks like a great palette for me...It's a shame that not all of the shadows are enough pigmented...


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