Winter Sales: Lush -50% Haul

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hey everyone! I know what you might be thinking... Another haul? But the winter sales have started here in Belgium and all the Christmas items and gifts at the Lush stores are on sale for -50%! So I decided to get a few of their fist sets because they always have so much cool stuff during the winter time.

When I walked in, I knew I wanted the 'Christmas Kisses' set. I saw this in Lille but it was a bit expensive (€34,95) so I decided to wait. I was so happy to see that they still have a few of them! I got this for €17,50 now! Lush describes this as "a gift for anybody wanting to steal a kiss under the mistletoe this year. Everything you need for soft, smooth lips and sweet, rose scented breath"

This gift set contains:
- Bubblegum Lip Scrub
- Honey Trap Lip Balm
- Santa Baby Lip Tint
- Chou Chou... I love you Toothy Tabs

When I walked to the register, there were a few boxes of the 'Snow Fairy' Gift set all lined up. I think it was 24,95 - 50% so I cracked and got one of these as well. Lush describes this as "a fabulous and magical trio of sugary treats for the Snow Fairy in all of us." A very interesting things about this set is that all the products were completely covered in pink shimmer. Washing your hands after opening this set is necessary!

This gift set has three items in it:
- A small version of the Snow Fairy Shower Gel
- Snow Cake soap (which smells amazing!)
- Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar

If you like Lush, but you don't want the spend too much money on their products, I suggest you really check out the Christmas sales! I'm not sure when and in which country the sales are starting, but keep an eye on it! In Belgium, the sales are throughout january in the stores. They also have a website!

What would you pick up during a sale like this?


  1. I just read someone else's post about lush sales. They got some gorgeous stuff and so did you! Wish I'd made it, I do love a good bargain and lush is amazing too!

  2. I love the Bubblegum peeling, it's so delicious :) But I'm not a big fan of the Snow Fairy scent, it's too sweet for me :)


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