Hello Fall: 6 Nail Polishes To Rock This Season!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall is probably my favorite season on the year: I love the colors, the falling leaves, the cozy feeling of coming home after a chilly day and of course fall nail polishes! Today, I wanted to share my nail polish picks for this season.

  • Essie 'Maximilian Strasse-her': A light grey polish with a tiny hint of green. I don't own any color like it and I really like how it looks on the nails. Very classy but a bit more unique than just a grey.
  • Revlon 'Copper Penny': I've had my eye on this polish for a few years and I was so happy to find it at CVS in Washington. It makes your nails look like you've got molten metal painted on them, it gives such a cool metallic finish!
  • Essie 'Urban Jungle': I always have to include a nude color in these types of blogposts. This one is actually from a summer collection, but it's a year-round color. It's a beige off-white color, but I think it's less summery than my beloved Fiji.
  • Essie 'Fishnet Stockings': Kruidvat was recently having a 'buy 2, get 1 free' sale on ALL their nail polishes so I decided to take advantage and get some Essie polishes. 'Fishnet Stockings' is a beautiful dark cream red polish. Perfect for this time of year. I'll be wearing this one a lot!
  • Marc Jacobs 'Lola': You guys know how much I like my bright reds and this one is no exception. I had a manicure in NY with this color and it looked so good, I immediately had to pick it up. This has an incredible glossy finish. I think we will be very happy together.
  • Revlon 'Autumn Spice': A beautiful warm dark brown shimmery nail polish? Normally, I wouldn't go for a color like this but I really like how this one looks. It's one of those scented nail polishes by Revlon, which I think is interesting. But also a bit weird, when you suddenly smell your nail polish. After a few days, the scent wears off.
So, this are my top picks for Autumn this year. I hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me: what are your favorites?


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    1. Thanks! I love them too, especially 'Fishnet Stockings' :D

  2. Loving the polishes :)

    Serene xoxo


  3. I love these shades, especially the Essie ones!



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