The Body Shop 24 Days of Joy Advent Calendar: Week 3

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The third and final part of the trilogy is here! It's Christmas eve tonight and that means that the Advent calender is over... I'm gonna show you the last 10 products I got. There were some very fun products included!

Monday, December 15: Vitamine E Night Cream: When you include a day cream, it's only fair to include the night cream as well. I tried this out a few times already and I like it more than the day cream. It's thick and moisturizing, but doesn't leave the skin greasy at all! Win!
Tuesday, December 16: Moringa Body Milk: This is a very liquidy lotion with the floral Moringa scent. This is a 'love it or hate it' scent for me. I used to really like it but now, I think it's a bit too strong at times.
Wednesday, December 17: Moringa Shower Gel: Again, I'm not the biggest fan of this scent, but I'll probably use up these products anyway.
Thursday, December 18: 'Bath Lily' Sponge (not on photo): I forgot this one in Ghent which is why It's not included in the photo but honestly, I don't really use those fluffly sponge things. I'm probably going to give it to someone who wants it.
Friday, December 19: Honey Mania Lip Balm: Aha! I was so happy to see this one! I love honey scented things (really, it's becoming an obsession...). This is a bit of a waxy, thick lip balm with a subtle honey scent. Probably my favorite thing out of these products :)
Saturday, December 20: Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion: Hmmm... This smells divine! I love argan oil incorporated products and this one is so exception. I'd like to check out this line!
Sunday, December 21: Eyeshadow Brush: I really like that they include a brush! It's a soft brush but I think I'll use this more for concealer rather than eyeshadow.
Monday, December 22: Shea Shower Cream: I like the scent of this line, but I'm not a huge fan of the shower creams in general. I prefer the shower gels, they foam up a bit more. But hey, still a nice product!
Tuesday, December 23: Shea Body Butter (50ml): Third place favorite product of this week! The Shea line is so good! It's such a nice, delicate scent.
Wednesday, December 24: White Musk Eau de toilette (10ml): The second favorite thing from this week and a fun product to end the calendar with! Although it's a perfume sample, it's pretty big. I never gotten into the White Musk scent before but I really like it. It's girly, but not too much. Yeey!

So girls, that was the last part of the Body Shop Advent Calender. Overal, I think that this was a very fun way to count down to Christmas and maybe, I'll do this again next year. They've included a lot of fun products.

Sweet, sweet readers, enjoy Christmas time tonight and tomorrow. Eat too much, have lots of fun and cuddle everyone in your family! <3

I wish you all the best!


  1. Great post!! I would love to try the lip balm! I'm a sucker for honey and lip products so the two together has to be a total win!


    1. It smells amazing and feels very smooth on the lips. Really good product! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Glad I found your blog, you have great posts! :)


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