The Body Shop December Sale Haul

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hi sweeties! I'm back today with a haul from The Body Shop. TBS is currently having a 'Buy 1, get 1 -50% off' sale and I decided to get a little crazy in there! I wanted some things from the Christmas line and I wanted to try out one specific product but I walked out with a few extra goodies.

First of all, I got the Vanilla Brulee Body Polish, which smells exactly like creme brulee. Because the second product was -50% off, I decided to also pick up the Frosted Cranberry body polish. If you're looking for a good body scrub to use under the shower, these are a recommendation! I've been using the strawberry one for years now.
The Body Shop always has good deals and extra specials for their members. When you spend €35 or more, you get a free product. This time, it was the White Musk Shower gel, worth €17! I was very happy to get this for free. I wasn't that familiar with the White Musk scent, but it smells quite nice!

A product that I've been eying for a long time now, is the Camomile Cleansing oil. I've heard so many great things about it so I finally decided to pick it up. I haven't tried this yet, but I will asap! Because I needed another second product, I choose to buy the Honey Mania Hand Cream. I'm a huge fan of the scent and TBS hand creams are actually really nice. They sink into the skin quite fast and make your hands feel hydrated and soft in no time.

The sale did not include the gift sets but some of them were on sale. I first wanted to get this cute little polar bear sponge, but I saw this was included in a set that was only €13. It also included a small Honey Mania Shower gel, a small jar of Strawberry Body Butter and a Strawberry Born Lippy lipbalm.

I hope you liked this haul, I'll talk to you guys tomorrow for part 2 of the Body Shop Advent calendar!



  1. Do I even need to say how jealous am I of this? And the cleansing oil is amazing! :D

    1. I'd suggest a vacation to Belgiumwith me, for a huge shopping trip! ;)

  2. I'm jealous too!:) Still need to get to my first body shop store and then I'll probably go crazy:)) The bear package is so cute!


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