Essie Collection Part 3: Red, Orange & Pinks

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hey girls! How are you all doing? Today, I'm talking about the third and final part of my Essie collection: Reds, oranges, pinks and a few purples. I'm sorry this part is so late, I had lots of work for school the last couple of weeks. I just finished my intership two days ago so I'm back to blogging! If you missed the first two parts of this series, I'll put a link to those posts at the end of this one. 

Like the other posts, I'll talk a bit about each color and their formula, pigmentation. Reds and pink are, besides nudes, my favorite colors to wear on the nails.

* Fishnet Stockings: A dark cream red. Pigmentation, formula, color,... I like everything about this polish! It's perfect for the fall and winter season, when those darker colors are totally in season. It's also very nice on your toes. 
* Style Hunter: Very similar in color to 'Exotic Liras'. I use that one more than this one, but this one is also very beautiful. 
* Exotic Liras: A raspberry red color that I absolutely loooove on my toes! I'd recommend this color to everybody! It has good pigmentation and the color is just gorgeous.
* Lacquered Up: This is a classic, bright red nail color. This one is one of my favorites, I got so much use out of this! One coat is fine, two coats will make it perfect.

* Sunday Funday: Is it pink? Is it orange? It's the perfect mix of the two. This polish has tiny silver shimmers mixed into it and it looks so festive on the nails. My next pedicure will be with this one.
* Tart Deco: One of those famous Essie colors. This one was on my wishlist for a very long time and when I finally got it, I knew what all the fuzz was about. Such a beautiful, fun color for spring and summer! If you love coral, you're gonna love this one!
* Russian Roulette: This is very similar to Lacquered up, just a tad less bright. I purchased this one when I thought that I lost Lacquered up. Even though I found that one back, I noticed that I like this one a bit more now...
* Fifth Avenue: One of the Essie bestsellers! I got this one in a kit, along with Chinchilly and Mademoiselle. It's a bit more orange than Lacquered Up and Russian Roulette. I'd describe it as a tomato red. Very nice consistency.

* Lovie Dovie: A true pink color. I saw Essiebutton wearing this one and I had to have it. I don't like this one on my toes though... But on the nails, it looks very cute. Be careful not to apply to much at once, it can run in the side of your nails very easily. A few thin coats and you're good to go! 
* Splash Of Grenadine: Another color that Essiebutton showed in one of her vlogs. This is a light magenta purple pink color. This one has become one of my favorites as well. I love that tiny hint of purple in it. Manicure, pedicure,... It looks great either way.
* Madison Ave hue: Be careful when you touch this one, because it's a HOT pink color. I'm sorry, I just had to make that joke. This color is very bright and Barbie-like. Don't we all have those moments when we want something like that on our nails? Very pigmented!
* Flowerista: I can just stare at this one. I like it so much. It's from the Essie Spring 2015 collection and when I was looking at it in the store, my mom suggested I should buy it as a little gift to myself. I don't regret it, it a gorgeous plummy purple color. Big thumbs up for this one.

Not shown on photo, because it's currently missing:
*Leading Lady: A beautiful dark red with red glitter in it. God, I miss that one. I have no idea where it is :(

So, that was my Essie collection. I really hope you liked this series and found them a bit helpful. I have a new Essie member of the family, that will be talked about in my next post. 

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Have a great weekend!


  1. And once again I found a few shades that I would love to own :D
    How was your intership? xx

    1. Which ones do you like? :D
      My internship went very well, thanks! Working with elders can be a lot of fun ^^

  2. Thanks for sharing such a nice knowledge with us. A must read blog.


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