Colourpop Lippie Stix 'Staycation' Set: Review and Swatches

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hello, hello, helloooooo! Girls, I'm back today with such an exciting post. I think most of you have heard about a lil brand named 'Colourpop'? Yes, COLOURPOP. It's becoming more and more popular the last year because of their pigmented yet affordable products. I always wanted to try some things out. I finally got the chance to order some products, like a set of their Lippie Stix. I've heard these were pigmented, creamy and AH-mazing. Pretty high expectations, I know. So how did they perform?

Anja, a friend of mine, added me to a Facebook group called 'BE/NL Colourpop fanatics'. The group members can share pictures, swatches, sell products or you can participate in group orders. After asking my friend Anja about a hundred times about the reliability of the group orders, I decided to place some. I ordered two of the Kathleenlights Satin liquids (review coming soon). Also, a week or two ago I ordered some eyeshadows and more satins. But this review is about the Lippie Stix. Colourpop recently came out with different sets of bestselling eyeshadows and Lippie stix in gorgeous boxes. These boxes are apparently collectors items, because lots of girls ordered the box and sold the contents. So when I saw a girl who sold the whole set, I was like 'dips'! I payed 25€ for a set of 6. They are all available on the website for 5€/piece.

Also, Colourpop has recently started shipping internationally, but it has ridiculous shipping rates. The group orders usually go to Shipito, a mail forwarding company that has lower shipping rates. It takes a bit of a longer time, but you save a few dollars.

The set contains these six colors. A mix of nude colors and some bolder colors that I'm not used to wearing, too be honest. But... I like them!
  • Cookie: Nude beige - I was worried that this color was going to be too light for me. Luckily, It's juuuuuuust dark enough for me to pull it off.
  • Brink: Warm dusty rose - Ladies, we have a new favorite *raises hands in the air*. Oh god, this is gorgeous. 
  • I <3 This: Red based fuchsia - This is some kick-ass pink lip color. Dayum, I like! 
  • Bossy: Classic red with a blue undertone - For a red like this, there is always room in my collection. Join the family, hun. 
  • LBB: Plum wine - I'm not used to see myself with a color like this and I still have to get used to it. That said, I can't wait for fall to start experimenting with this color. 
  • Grunge: Cool-toned plummy brown - I think this is the first brown lipstick I ever bought. It is indeed a cool toned color, but it has a red undertone. I don't hate it. I just need to find a way to rock it. 
All of these are MATTE! 

A closer look: Cookie, Brink, I <3 this

A closer look: Bossy, LBB, Grunge

Above, you can see all the lip swatches. I'm VERY bad at taking photos for lip swatches... Who knew it could be so hard to take good selfies? 

Brink is the most 'matte' in my opinion. The other ones have a slight sheen to them. They are very creamy and soft to apply, so I understand that they are not 100% matte. Finding a balance between a comfy lipstick and a matte look is not easy. I like the finish. I personally thought the darker colors where a bit creamier and easier to apply. These do need a bit of lipliner, to keep them all in place. 

I wore 'Brink' for a whole day. I love love love LOVE this color. It's eye-catching yet not too much. 

- Apply test: I applied the color at around 7u40. The color is very creamy to apply and the pigmentation is great. I had to retouch the lines of my lips with a little q-tip, to make it look perfect. It feels just a bit tacky when you press your lips together, but it's not horrible. 

- Drink test: As you can see on the photo below, these do transfer a bit on the glass/mug when you're drinking (Eeeewww!). Ofcourse, these are not a liquid lipstick so I don't expect them to stay in place 100% all the time.

- Eat test: I had a croque monsieur and a salad for lunch. Up to that point, the lipstick lasted pretty well. After the lunch, it was definitely time to re-apply. It was about 2pm than. It lasted a whole morning and noon, which is pretty great to me!

- Kiss test: Is this lipstick kiss proof? Because the boyfriend wasn't available, I had the chance to give a big kiss to my.. hand. It does transfer a bit, so big make-out session will leave color! 

So are these as good as they say? Yes, they are pigmented, creamy lipsticks. These are only 5€ and price/quality, this is an amazing product. But is it worth the high shipping rates they offer? I'm not sure. Drugstores here all over Europe are also coming out with great lip products, matte and other types. If I did not have the chance to participate in those group orders that ship via Shipito (I think this set was around 5€ shipping), I just wouldn't have ordered something. The shipping that Colourpop offers is extremely high, in my opinion. 

I did hear that they are trying to make their shipping more affordable! I think we have to keep our eyes and ears open for more news.

I hope you gals all liked this post. Have a happy week <3

What do you think about Colourpop? Have you tried anything yet? What do you think about the shipping?

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  1. When I saw the swatches on your hand, I was like well Grunge and Cookie are definitely not my shades...Scroll down to see them on your lips, yup, I want all of the shades hahaha
    Gorgeous <3


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