Life Update: School, Internships, Piercings,...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hi everyone! How long has it been? I think months! I know I have been off the radar lately but I have been sooooo busy with school lately, it's insane. I really miss blogging and I'm trying to find time to write again, I hope I'll be able to post a blog every now and then.

Where do I begin? For starters, I don't live in a studio in Ghent anymore. I only had one internship to go and I was able to find one close to my home. I didn't want to have a studio for half a year, so just decided to live back home with my parents again. It was weird leaving the studio where I lived for 4 years behind but hey, it's time for new adventures. 

So, for those of you who don't know, I started a new internship in October. I failed my internship last year in a resting home in Ghent so I had to redo it now. Luckily for me, it's at a new place, to have a fresh start. I now do my internship in a rehabilitation center for people that had a brain trauma. Accidents, bleedings, strokes, people that fell off stairs and hit their head. The first week was very hard and confronting at times, but now I really love it. So far it's all going great and my team of fellow occupational therapists are awesome. 
If this internship and my bachelor's paper go good, I can graduate in January and starting a new adventure: finding work. But with all the hard work for school, it leaves very little time to blog. But don't be alarmed: I miss blogging, I miss you guys and I really want to start doing it again.

What else is new? I got a second piercing in September. It's a Tragus piercing that I wanted for months now! I finally decided to get it, with my mom for mental support. I'm not very brave when it comes to needles and piercing. But I love how it looks. It hurt for about two weeks but so far, no infections. *Knock on hard wood* 

I have so many stuff to blog about: New make-up, jewelry, my empties bag is overflowing, Colourpop stuff, Diet plans... 

I'll speak to you guys soon <3

Have a lovely weekend 


  1. Hope you get everything done in time and finish your Bachelor's degree. I know it's a milestone and you feel a bit lighter after that's over you :D. I probably wouldn't be as brave for that kind of piercing. But it's definitely interesting looking :).

    1. Thanks for the comment <3
      I hope it'll all go well :D The piercing was not as painful as the other one I have (Forward helix) and it healed faster :D


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