Time to Recycle: Empties #13

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hello everybodyyyyy! Oh my god, I wanted to blog today so badly and I saw that this post was a concept since august! I'll just write it now and hope that you guys don't mind that another empties post will also be written soon because my empties-bag is overflowing. All my intern-assignments for school are finished so I decided to have a chill evening. And that means... blogging! 

As always, I'll write about the product, my experience with it and if I want to purchase it again. I'd say: let's get started!

1) The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel: A great shower gel in my fave Christmas scent. You can buy me 60 bottles of this and I'll use them all.
Would I purchase this product again? Yes.

2) The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream: I'm a very big fan of The Body Shop hand creams. They have a gel-like consistency that sinks into the skin very fast. It leaves your hands feeling soft and hydrated without a sticky or oily feel to them. Hell yes! 
Would I purchase this product again? Not this scent, but I do like the product itself.

3) The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Body Polish: I don't think we need to get too much into this product. It had been my favorite body scrub for years now and this came in the Christmas scent. I simply LOVE it. 
Would I purchase this product again? Yes!

4) The Body Shop Peach Scrub: You guys have seen this way too much in my empties posts. This is an amazing, creamy scrub with the best scent ever: peaches! Love love love love!
Would I purchase this product again? Yes.

5) Vita Verde Aromatherapy Make-up Remover Wipes: I remember these being quite smelly and moving my mascara around rather than taking it off. I got this in a Deauty box so decided to use them anyways but I got tired of them. Too much work. I always needed an extra cotton pad with some make-up remover to take off what these wipes left on my face.
Would I purchase this product again? No.

6) My Hoin Ni Sheet Masks: Q10 & Royal Jelly Double Lifting Mask: The lovely Sanja send a few of these sheet masks to me and they are so luxurious. It plumps and hydrates the face really well and makes it looks glowy. It did drip from my chin on my clothes though. But I don't mind at all :p
Would I purchase this product again? Yes.

7) Cien Soft Make-up Pads: These pads from Lidl were nice and soft. I had no problem taking off make-up. These are so handy to have at home, you never know.
Would I purchase this product again? Yes. I don't spend too much money on cotton pads. These were nice and cheap.

8) L'oréal Professional Potionizer Leave-in Conditioner: My mom bought this at our hair salon. It's a leave-in spray conditioner that nourishes coloured hair... This product doesn't do much to be honest... I like the Dove one a lot more! And I'm using that one again.
Would I purchase this product again? No.

9) Nuxe Eau Demaquillante Micellaire: I got this in a Deauty box TWICE and was not happy when I saw it for the second time... This is the smelliest make-up remover I ever tried. It rose scented but not in a good way :( To be honest, I'm just going to toss these out... 
Would I purchase this product again? No.

10) Garnier Soft Eye Make-up Remover: This is and will always be my favorite make-up remover. I simply love it!
Would I purchase this product again? Yes, after I finished my current one.

11) Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment: I got this a very long time ago when Glamglow was very hyped up and everyone on youtube was talking about it. Yes, it is a good face mask. BUT it's about 50€ a pot and that's just too much. You don't get a lot of product and it dries out too fast in the pot. The Body shop has a very similar giant face mask container for only 20€. I prefer that one over this product.
Would I purchase this product again? No.

I hope you girls enjoyed this empties post and the fact that I'm back in the blogging game! Have a nice evening and I'll speak to you soon <3



  1. Dat Glamglow masker werd inderdaad erg overhyped, jammer dat hij het geld niet waard is!
    Ik vind empties altijd leuk om te zien dus niet erg dat er binnenkort nog eentje aankomt ;-)

    1. Ja, Glamglow is echt te duur voor wat het is...
      Bedankt voor je reactie <3

  2. Man, I hated those Cien make-up pads...Maybe I just got to spoiled with those bigger ones that I started buying :D


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