Colourpop 'Where The Light Is' Review and Swatches

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Aaaah, it's the first post of 2017! Say what? Hello and welcome to the new year. I love uneven numbers so this year is going to be awesome. I feel it. 2016 was just... bleh. But this year... It'll be better, with more fun, more love and more BLOGGING! Let's put that last resolution in action and blog today! I've talked about Colourpop a bit before on this channel, in this post. But let's talk about the eyeshadows now. This brand and its eyeshadows were so hyped up last year and I couldn't resist to try some out.

I really love Kathleenlights on youtube and she brought out so many collabs with lots of make-up brands last year. I thought her collaboration with Colourpop was so gorgeous. The eyeshadows are really beautiful. 

The packaging is so beautiful, I always keep the four eyeshadow together in the little box because it's too gorgeous to toss out.

Inside are four eyeshadows, packaged in the famous round white pots with clear lid and the holographic writing on top. Very simple yet pretty. The packaging itself is very steady. I've read that when you use the shadows, you must always screw the lid back on tightly, so the eyeshadows don't dry out. 

The colors are:

  • Glow: creamy beige (matte)
  • Cornelious: midtown warm brown (matte)
  • Kathleenlights: a true copper (metallic-ish)
  • Blaze: dark brown with gold glitter (glitter, obviously)

In the picture below, you can see the swatches. They feel so insanely buttery, it's unreal. Everything you even heard about the texture and that softness... It's all true. They feel creamy but apply like a powder. My two favorites are Cornelious and Kathleenlights. They are a great match. Kathleenlights all over the lid and Cornelious in the crease. Perfect. Kathleenlights makes my green eyes pop. 

However, these are a bit tricky to work with. The eyeshadows are very hard to pick up with a brush, so we need to work with the hands. I don't mind putting eyeshadows on with my fingers, I do it often. However, using that technique in the crease of your eyes is not simple. So keep that in mind when you consider buying Colourpop eyeshadows. 

Are Colourpop eyeshadows good? Yes. Are they pigmented? Yes. Are they worth the hype? Probably. Am I going to all the effort of ordering them again? Probably not. 

Don't get me wrong, they are gorgeous and soft and pigmented. But so are so many other affordable brands like Kiko, Catrice, Essence and Nyx. So if you don't want to order online and pay high shipping rates (and/or worse: custom charges), there are so many brands out there that offer great quality. 

I hope you girls liked this post. I'll talk to you very soon because I have an exciting post coming up. Okay, I'll give you three hints: Sale. Kiko. Haul. 

Have a lovely week <3 


  1. I have Kathleelinght shade on my wish list. :) I finally got Moonwalk and Game Face and am obsessed. I think matte shades would be really hard to apply. But I love shimmery once that I can apply on the lid with finger. I guess it's also about the shades. I love their more unique selection of metallics and duo chromes. This set is gorgeous and I can imagine how lovely Kathleenlights goes with your eye color :D. Just a shame about the shipping. I hope they'll have free shipping soon.

    1. Kathleenlight is indeed very pretty, the most unique shade is this quad! :)

  2. This year I'm definitely ''splurging'' on some Colourpop makeup...And it was so interesting reading you review because I haven't really heard that the shades are hard to pick up with a brush...Need to keep this in mind :)


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